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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

A Purpose-Driven Life


In this time of great turmoil, with the pandemic, with looming economic problems in every country, increasing hunger, and difficulties in having access to clean water and education, refugees living in desperation and squalor because we of the first world are not doing what is right, not to mention other minor matters such as the ludicrous process of Brexit, the humiliatingly preposterous US election (Supreme Court included), despots in rather too many nations who cling to power, social media that does not generally seem to do the right thing, given the power it holds, conspiracy theory activists who rarely seem to have any real knowledge about what they denounce ipso facto in the nano-second they see a headline, etc. etc., I have found that what most maintains my sanity is to keep holding on to a sense of purpose. In other words, to live a purpose-driven life.

This works if you feel you have a purpose. Do you? Does purpose figure in your life at this time?

If you don’t have a purpose, have you noticed how easy it is for something to derail your sense of inner peace, should you still have one? Have you noticed how easy it is for the condition of the world, your country, your city, your neighbourhood, your building, your friends, or your family, to cause you great inner mayhem?

If you are binging on Netflix or thrillers and romance novels, it may have taken you longer to reach this point, but we are many months into our time of Covid-19, and so I’m going to assume you have noticed a lack of something in your life.

I believe that something is a purpose. A meaning. Something that gives your life a sense of significance. Something that makes you want to get up in the morning in order to move forward just a bit more on whatever it is that gives you that sense of purpose.

Today’s post is not so much to help you find that sense of purpose. I’ve written about that in the past:

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Rather, this post is about the realization that living a purpose-driven life means that you always have a safe harbour. You always have a place to go to that shelters you from the outer turmoil I described above – not because you make yourself blind to it – but because you are able to live a life of peace despite it.

I used to wonder how on earth Anne Frank was able to live all that time in a small room, hiding from the Nazis, knowing that if they found her, she would surely be sent to a death camp. In the same fashion, I wondered how Nelson Mandela managed all those years doing hard labour on Robben Island, knowing he had been sentenced to life. Christopher Reeve, our first cinematic Superman, once he became a paraplegic, also caught my attention. How did he deal with his situation? Finally, Sabriye Tenberken, a German girl who lost her sight as a teen, has become another individual to observe, in her determination to deal with her situation in a very unusual way.

What these four rather remarkable individuals did in order to deal with their respective predicaments, became their purpose. It allowed them to live a purpose-driven life. Said in another way, it allowed them - or so I believe - a great measure of inner peace thanks to this purpose that gave meaning to their lives. It meant that they could deal with their everyday issues, dramas, difficulties, pain, sorrow, despair, and so much more, simply because they had a purpose.

Let’s return to our situation in 2020 and 2021. And to our own lives, where most of us don’t live the kind of situations Anne Frank, Nelson Mandela, Christopher Reeve, and Sabriye Tenberken went through. But we have the turmoil I described at the beginning. We have headlines screaming at us on a daily basis. Simply turning off the news and going on a total media black-out won’t do it either because we do need to keep ourselves informed.

So here is what I am trying to emphatically underline for you here. Living a purpose-driven life can make absolutely all the difference. If you are not living a life of purpose, you owe it to yourself to figure out what that purpose could be (some of the articles referenced above might give you a few ideas about how to discover that purpose). And once you have even an inkling, start moving in that direction. Who could have thought that writing a diary in Nazi-occupied Holland could give succour, perhaps even relief? Who could have thought that deeply thinking about the future of his nation, while chipping away at stones under the hot sun, could offer succour, perhaps even relief? Working towards stem-cell research from the confines of a wheel chair gave another kind of relief and peace. And devising Tibetan braille, setting up schools and teaching the Tibetan blind how to read, and then starting afresh in India with a university to mentor change-makers - while challenging - must be stimulating to say the very least.

Your purpose and mine may not be as grand as that which kept the four examples I described so very invested in their lives. But whatever it is, if the purpose we give to our life fulfills us, it can do all those things I’ve mentioned here, and more - and ultimately - it can lead us to inner peace and joy, even in the midst of chaos.



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