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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Rediscovering a Sense of Adventure in Your Life

As a young pre-teen living in Switzerland and Canada, I remember vividly feeling a sense of almost unbearable excitement thinking about how my life would unfold. Now mind you, I had no specific thought about the exact things that would happen – this was not an exercise in goal planning – rather, it was a sense of unadulterated joy about that which could be, but which was still veiled; not yet clear to me at all. There was an incredible sense of adventure in it. I felt a literal and physical vibration in my solar plexus when it happened. The fact that I did not know what it would be – this unfolding of my life - made absolutely no difference to those truly sublime feelings that resounded in me like a clarion call to be awake and aware about that which could be.

These thoughts, feelings, and sensations continued – on occasion - nearly to adulthood, and then – curiously, as I discovered in the aftermath - they seemed to disappear from my conscious mind. I didn’t miss them, because I had apparently simply forgotten about them.

Life went on, much joy, but also great pain ensued, and finally, when I was in my mid-thirties, I suddenly remembered those feelings. Where did you go? I asked myself. And how do I get you back?
Let me tell you right here and now that I don’t have a fail-proof plan for getting those feelings back, but as I look retrospectively over my life since the time I realized I had lost the feelings, I can see clearly how mine did come back. Perhaps it can help you shed light on how you might get yours back – or, if you have never experienced such feelings, perhaps it might help you discover them.

What I write now comes from having given the process much thought over the ensuing 30 plus years, and remembering – again in retrospect – exactly when I would, occasionally, experience the feelings again. What I believe now is that the feelings are intertwined with the connection we all have (but do not all sense) with our inner self. Perhaps, in those pre-teen and teen years, despite my apparent early onset maturity in thought, I was, in some fashion, still a child with a child-like connection to the numinous, the divine within. And somewhere, somehow, in that mix, those feelings arose initially.

Understanding this, or perhaps it is better to say believing this, later, in adulthood, I could see that the feelings re-emerged whenever I went back on my path. What is my path? I certainly didn’t know it then (I may not fully know it now), but I could sense that it was when I was on that “path”, that those feelings came back. They would never stay long enough for me to become fully acquainted with them, but they became more and more familiar as time went by. They would again energize me, fill me with that sense of adventure I remembered from my teens, although I remember some dark years in my late forties where it appeared that they had again all but vanished, and my heart cried out in vain wondering how I could get them back once again.

After that, however, as I stayed more and more on a given road in my life, I was greeted more and more often again with those feelings of adventure, of excitement, and of joy. I cannot reiterate enough that it was never connected to outer honours, successes, or financial rewards, but to a knowing that I was walking my path.

One part of the rediscovery of these feelings was to try different things and test out how I felt as I did them. As time went by, I could sense quite clearly which were the ones that connected me to that feeling and which were not. The adventure I refer to is, of course, not an outer adventure such as white-water rafting or trekking through the foothills of the Himalayas, but an adventure of the soul. This creates the connection and this creates the joy and the sense of adventure and excitement, almost as if you are able to re-connect with a long-lost and very beloved friend.

In order to sense what I have written about, you need some quiet space in your life. Without it, how do you expect to even notice what is going on inside? Without it, how do you expect to recognize when you are coming closer to yourself with what you are doing and thinking? Without it, how do you expect to reconnect to the you that you may have forgotten, or barely even realize is there?
Giving yourself time to contemplate this process – and putting it into action - may lead you to a joy you may have never experienced.



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