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Monday, August 6, 2018

If You Find Peace Inside, the World Will Automatically Move Closer to Peace

This isn’t magic. It’s not wishful thinking. It’s a fact. If you change, and I change, and thanks to you at some point, one, or two, or three of your friends or family members change because of how they see you behaving over time, and the same in my case, the world literally begins to change. This is simply getting your head around a paradigm shift in thinking with regards to something that is so much greater than so many other things people believed were ridiculous or impossible at other points in time:
  • The idea that everyone would have a TV in their homes was scoffed at by movie studio executives in the late 40’s
  • The idea that everyone would have a home computer was made to sound ridiculous by IBM in the 80’s
  • The idea that women would want firm bodies and muscles was laughed at in the 60’s
  • The idea that brain cells can be regenerated over the lifespan was considered an absolute fallacy until only a few decades ago
  • The idea that thoughts and emotions could influence the state of health of the body was considered absurd by many as recently as the early 90’s
  • Not to mention much earlier erroneous beliefs held by the masses, such as a flat earth, a sun that revolved around the earth, the impossibility of travel below the water or in space, etc.
In the case I’m presenting here for world peace, although not everyone who sees how you or I behave will change – indeed, some will be annoyed at you for leaving the status quo to which they are accustomed in your relationship with them, or even drop you like a hot potato because you now may either make them feel uncomfortable or uneasy, and they prefer to remain within their comfort zone, nevertheless, some will change. It’s an exponential process. The world has the possibility to change because you and I change.

Therefore to make a choice filled with intention regarding exactly what you will do over the course of this next year - and forward - in order to find peace inside of yourself, clearly has the potential momentum to move the entire world closer to peace.

What a choice to hold in your hands! What richness to be able to participate in such a grandiose personal goal and universal undertaking! 

The Dalai Lama has stated: Some scientists report evidence that basic human nature is compassionate. We have neglected this in the past, despite having the seed within us. We have to find ways to cultivate it on the basis of common sense, common experience and scientific findings. If our goal is a happier, more peaceful world in the future, only education will bring change.

So if only education will bring change, you might say that we have to go out there and educate others to be more compassionate. While that is true, it is an even greater truth that we have to first educate ourselves. Teaching ourselves to be compassionate; teaching ourselves – via compassion for those who are outside ourselves, who are not ourselves, who may cause us discomfort and pain, as well as teaching ourselves compassion for ourselves, we come to that inner place where we are eventually able to find love for the self and peace. That is the key to world peace.

I’ve written about it at great length in one of my books: Rewiring the Soul: Finding the Possible Self (find it at any Amazon site, also in Spanish and German), asking readers to imagine how such a world would be; a world where all have or are striving for inner peace. Can you imagine that in such a world there would be hunger? Injustice? War? Lack of food, or water, or education for all? The consequences of such a situation would be so widespread as to make for a totally different world than the one we are familiar with. If all are seeking inner peace, or have already found it, it would simply be impossible for any of those ‘lacks’ to exist. Just as happiness and anger, or well-being and depression are incapable of co-existing, so is it impossible for inner peace and inequality or hunger, etc. to co-exist, once that inner peace has spread to a majority. You could not have inner peace if you were contributing to a state of lack for others.

So. Inner peace is a great part of our solution. As I quoted the Dalai Lama earlier, we need to educate others, individual others, as well as schools and institutions of learning of all kinds, communities, governmental organisms, corporations, juvenile detention centers, jails, outreach communities, and just about any and every human with whom you come in contact.

But it will only work if you’ve already done some of the footwork on yourself; if you’ve been practicing finding inner peace within yourself; if you are intentionally becoming more and more mindful and aware every day.

Don’t think that this is just a little thing; that just because you are finding greater inner peace, and just because you are changing these parts of yourself, that it isn’t enough to change the world. It can change the world, as long as enough of us do it. Make this year your year for peace.



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