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Friday, September 29, 2017

Dream Analysis Group & Astrological Life Cycles Group

Dream Analysis Group 

Astrological Life Cycles Group 

Starting October 5th, the following group evenings will begin on alternate Thursdays:

Dream Analysis Group Evening 

We will meet every second Thursday (see schedule below) from 19:30 – 21:30 in order to better understand your dreams, as well as in order to remember more of your dreams.

“A dream that has not been interpreted is like a letter that has not been read.” TALMUD

In every meeting an introduction to a specific type of dream symbol will be given and then each member (time permitting) will have the opportunity to share a dream which we will analyze as a group. This offers not only insight into yourself, but also broadens your understanding of your progress through life. € 15 per meeting

Oct. 5                    Brief Intro and Pregnancy & Birth in Dreams
Oct. 19                  Death
Nov. 2                   The Snake
Nov. 16                 The Butterfly
Nov. 30                 Flying & Falling


Jan 11                    The House Part 1
Jan 25                    The House Part 2: The Kitchen
Feb. 8                    The House Part 3: The Bathroom
Feb. 22                   The House Part 4: The Bedroom
March 8                  The House Part 5: The Cellar
March 22                The Spider
April 5                    Sex
April 19                  Exams
May 3                     Murder
May 17                   Marriage
May 31                   Dreams of Being Chased
June 14                   Water, Swimming & Drowning
June 28                   Types of Dreams: Paralysis Dreams
July 12                    Types of Dreams: Lucid Dreams & the Senoi

The group will continue in September

Astrological Life Cycles Group Evening:  

This group will meet from 19:30 – 21:30 every second Thursday (alternating with the Dream Analysis Group) starting on October 12th.

A crisis is a turning point--that which precedes change. Alexander Ruperti

Humanistic astrology could be likened to the psychology of astrology. Here we will discuss life cycles that astrology offers us in order to better understand our lives. We’ll also discuss connections between planets in the chart and how this symbolizes part of our character and life challenges. Through the lens of both the cycles and the connections, this group aims at helping you see your own development & evolution. 

Cycles and connections in every participant’s chart will be analyzed throughout the weeks of this group, although it will be done anonymously. I will need your time, day, month, year, city, and country of birth. YOU will know who you are by an ID I’ll assign, but no one will know the others’ IDs. If you don’t have your birth time, put 12 noon, although it will mean that we won’t be able to fully analyze the astrological angles (ASC, IC, DESC, & MH), nor the Moon. € 20 per meeting

Oct. 12                  Looking at Saturn
Oct. 26                  Looking at Uranus
Nov. 9                   Looking at Neptune
Nov. 23                 Looking at Pluto
Dec. 7                   Looking at Chiron


Jan. 18                  Saturn’s connections to the personal planets in your natal chart
Feb. 1                   Uranus’s connections to the personal planets in your natal chart
Feb. 15                 Neptune’s connections to the personal planets in your natal chart
March 1                Pluto’s connections to the personal planets in your natal chart
March 15              Chiron’s connection to the personal planets in your natal chart
March 29              Saturn’s cycles (1)
April 12                Saturn’s cycles (2)
April 26                Saturn’s cycles (3)
May 10                 Saturn’s cycles (4)
May 24                 Chiron’s cycles (1)
June 7                   Uranus’ cycles
June 21                 Neptune’s cycles
July 5                    Pluto’s cycles

The group will repeat in September

If you wish to participate in either or both of these groups, 
please email me at the following address: 
gkortsch at gmail dot com 
in order that I may include you in the database of people 
who will be notified of each meeting several days prior to it. 
You will need to RSVP your attendance

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