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Monday, August 28, 2017

Live Your Best Life 2017 - 2018 Schedule

Group Meetings to Support Your Growth & Well-Being

*** Here is the 2017 - 2018 Season Schedule ***

We all deserve to live our best life. We all deserve joy, peace, happiness, and inner freedom. So why are each of us not living our best lives and experiencing all these things? Schools teach us how to read and write, they teach us about math, geography and history, but they do not teach us about life and how to live it. Sometimes our parents do, but most often, they do not. This discussion group is designed to change that.

Are you experiencing any of the following in your life?
  • Relationship breakdown or stress
  • Financial stress
  • Major illness (you or a close family member)
  • Poor communication with your parents or offspring
  • Worry and desperation due to:
    • Fear of aging
    • Unfulfilling life
    • Depression
    • Loneliness 
    • Boredom 
    • Desire for change
    • Lack of progress and success
On Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 our discussion group will once again begin meeting weekly. It is not focused on any one given problem, but precisely because it focuses on growth and well-being, this group literally addresses any problem. The path that leads to inner and outer peace and well-being is a path that serves you no matter what kind of situation you are facing.

You will not be expected to divulge personal details at any time unless you wish. The group meeting begins at 7:30 and lasts until approximately 9 pm. For the first portion of the meeting I will present the topic of the week, and then there will be a general discussion in order to facilitate the understanding of the methods by which the tools that have been discussed may be incorporated into your life … beginning immediately.

If you wish to participate, you may come to any of the meetings - and although it is recommended that you attend as many as possible, simply because each is designed to further you along that road to inner and outer peace, joy, and well-being - there is, however, no minimum attendance requirement. Everyone is welcome, whether you have previously attended or not.

The group started in January 2010 and other than summer and Christmas/New Year's breaks, has been meeting ever since. Of course there is always an influx of new people, so if you have never come before, don't feel as though you are the only one.

Meetings will be not be announced by email except to the specific persons who have requested to be notified on a weekly basis. Please email me if you wish to be included in this weekly mailing. 

There is a per-meeting participation fee of 10 Euros. Please bring exact change. (Please contact me privately if cost is an issue).

Please do your utmost to arrive punctually between 7:15 and 7:30 prior to the beginning of the meeting. Coming later than this time will interrupt the flow of the group. We meet in Guadalmina Alta. If you need directions, please send an email.

If you wish to participate in any given meeting, please RSVP before Monday at 9 pm prior to the Tuesday meeting that you wish to attend gkortsch at gmail dot com  If you subsequently need to change your plans, please also let me know in order to give your place to another person as seating is limited.


Sept. 12                The Daily Torture of Your Thoughts - If YOU Aren't in Charge
Sept. 19                Recognizing Choice: It Literally Signifies Freedom In Your Life
Sept. 26                Health: Creating a New Environment for Your Genes


Oct. 3                    Happiness: These are the Prerequisites
Oct. 10                  Beginning the Process of Becoming Aware
Oct. 17                  Self-Regulation
Oct. 24                  Expanding Your Comfort Zone
Oct. 31                  Shifting to Better Energetic Levels


Nov. 7                   Your Need to Control Others
Nov. 14                 Living With Worry & Still Having a Good Life
Nov. 21                 Choosing Your Habits
Nov. 28                 Poor Boundaries & Your Self-Esteem, Happiness & Self-Love


Dec. 5                   Your Emotions: The Royal Road to Freedom (6 & 8 Dec. are holidays)
Dec. 12                 Self-Responsibility & Inner Freedom
After the meeting we will celebrate our annual Christmas dinner
Dec. 19                 No Meeting

Dec. 26                 No Meeting



Jan. 2                    No Meeting
Jan. 9                    Major Steps to Loving the Self
Jan. 16                  Consenting to Feeling Bad
Jan. 23                  Self-Reflection & Emotional Maturity
Jan. 30                  The Deep Unhappiness of Emotional Unavailability & Neediness


Feb. 6                    Your Addictions – Psychological and Otherwise
Feb. 13                   Why Spiritual Partnerships are Good for Your Sex Life
Feb. 20                   Do You Use Your Wounds to Give Yourself an Identity?
Feb. 27                   Can You Forgive: Its Vital Importance to Your Health & Growth 


Mar. 6                   Are You An Emotional Vampire or is Your Life Populated with Several of Them?
Mar. 13                 Complaining
Mar. 20                 Why Failure Can Be a Hidden Blessing
Mar. 27                 Practicing Non-Judgment


Apr. 3                    Blaming
Apr. 10                  Starting the Steep Road Towards Compassion
Apr. 17                  Bringing Joy to Your Life
Apr. 24                  Choosing Where to Focus


May 1                    Co-Creating Your Life (Labor Day)
May 8                    Using Our Three Brains
May 15                  Self-Reflection & Success
May 22                  Your Life  as Metaphor: The Lotus Emerging From the Mud
May 29                  Holding Pain in Your Hands


June 5                   Growing More & Faster Than Your Partner: Now What?
June 12                 Looking at Your Relationship Patterns
June 19                 Compassion & Empathy: Are You Experiencing Burn-Out?
June 26                 Why Meaning In Your Life Will Always Give You Strength


July 3                    Suffering is Optional … And So Is Joy
July 10                  The Stages of Spiritual Awakening
After the meeting we will celebrate our annual summer break dinner together
July 17                   No Meeting
July 24                   No Meeting
July 31                   No Meeting


Further Information 
or to request to be included in the group email list that is sent out weekly:
Email: gkortsch (at) gmail dot com
    Phone: +34 626 189 765 


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