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Monday, August 1, 2016

A New Way to Wake Up

Is it / has it been one of those Mondays that leaves you gasping - figuratively speaking - when you wake up and realize another day, another week, of going to work doing something you don't love? Something that perhaps you even actively dislike?

And of course the gasping comes from the fact that as you wake, and you remember that this is what you do - what you have to do - that you feel helpless about it. You want out. But don't know how to do it.

It's not that you're dealing drugs or sex-trafficking. It's not even that you're colluding to cheat innocent people of their money with high-flung schemes emerging from Wall Street. Your job may, in fact, be quite good. Others may even say how lucky you are to have it. It's simply that it means nothing to you. You do it because your circumstances require that you pull in that money every month. But you don't like it.

Don't think I have a silver bullet. Or not even that I'll be able to give you an easy way out. But I do offer you this (assuming you're not already doing it):
  • have you actively given thought to what you really want to do?
  • if not, read A Recipe For Life, or The Pull of What You Really Love, or The Price of Selling Your Soul, or Feel A River Move Within You, or Finding a Meaning For Your Life
  • once you have an idea about what you really want to do, give some thought to how you might get there. If you are 60 and want to be a prima donna ballerina, you may have to rethink. If you are short in height and want to play with the LA Lakers, you may have to rethink. But much of what we want to do, is achievable.
  • so make a plan. Does it require going back to university? Do you need to acquire some new skills? Can you do this at night, or on the weekends, while you continue with your current work? If the re-education or re-training costs money that youdon't have, can you get creative about how to get that money? Student loans? A personal loan? A second mortgage on the house? (Yes, I would most certainly consider that to be a good thing to do, if it gets you to this new place in your life.) 
  • be patient with yourself as you do this. Be loving with yourself. 
  • finally, and as you work on the above, remember to take pride - not only in how well you are able to do the job that you have (even while not liking it), but also in the fact that you have this current position precisely in order to be able to make this amount of money in order to be able to take care of your loved ones and yourself. That is something you are to be respected and admired for. Remind yourself of it.
And now get started on re-engineering yourself!


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