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Friday, April 1, 2016

Wishing for a Different Life

How much time do you spend every day wishing something were not as it is? How often do you do this? It might be something as simple as wishing it were sunny instead of raining, or as important as wishing you did not have a major illness. However, either way, it uses up precious moments, sets you on a train of thought that may lead you down a very murky path indeed, and more importantly, it squanders crucial energy that determines your inner well-being, not to mention, the number of minutes, hours, days, perhaps even weeks and months (over the course of a lifetime) that you waste engaging in this very fruitless activity.

Just as with so many other things discussed on my blogs (click on some of the labels below this post), this too is a question of awareness. Remembering to be conscious is truly a full-time job. In this case, it is a question of catching both the feeling coursing through you (which will not be optimal when you are wishing something away), and the thoughts related to that feeling, and then, consciously, with full awareness, choosing to focus elsewhere. Not because you are pretending that whatever it is that you don't want (rainy day, bad illness) is not as it is, but by acknowledging that just right now, as you are unable to change it, you choose to focus elsewhere. This could be as simple as focusing on something of beauty and feeling gratitude for it, because such a simple process takes you to the present moment, and wishing something away can not happen - is simply something that will never happen - when you are in the present moment. Choose to be aware enough to be able to do this. It improves the quality of all the moments of your life and it is another way of showing yourself that you love yourself.


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