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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Grow As You Listen

Listen to what? Lectures in a university hall? Presentations at a leadership seminar? Those are possibilities, but not what I'm referring to here today.

Grow as you listen to your own body.

You clearly know how to pay attention to it when it hurts, or is hungry, or feels cold. But what about paying attention to it:
  • when someone yells at you? Which part of your body reacts to that?
  • when someone crosses a boundary? Which part of your body reacts to that?
  • when someone takes advantage of your weaker professional, social or financial position? Which part of your body reacts to that?
  • when someone manipulates you and you are aware of it? Which part of your body reacts to that?
  • when someone leeches the energy out of you? Which part of your body reacts to that?
  • when someone lies to you and you know they are doing so? Which part of your body reacts to that?
  • when someone does or says something that you know is not right, and you do nothing? Which part of your body reacts to that?
  • when someone expects you to do something that is not part of the 'deal'? Which part of your body reacts to that?
All of these possibilities may lead to your body evidencing discomfort in the solar plexus, in the chest, the throat, or the heart, among others. These symptoms are messages from your body to you, just as a pain in your leg or head, or a fever, or a festering blister are also messages, albeit of another kind. So when you receive the messages that are not based on a physical problem, you need to heed them in the same way you would heed the other ones, and that means you need to do something.

If you begin by recognizing that you get messages of this kind, and then by paying attention to these messages, you are learning and growing just because you are becoming aware. When you then ... at some future point if you can't yet ... undertake some action (verbal or otherwise) with regards to that message, you will have grown even more.


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