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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


You are probably imagining that this is a post about commitment to your goals, commitment to being disciplined or commitment to making your dreams become a reality.

In a way I suppose we could say it is ... but approached from another angle, and that angle is you.

How committed are you to yourself? How committed are you to making the most of yourself in all possible ways and on all levels? Not for others, but for you, because you want to be able to believe in yourself, and you want to be able to love yourself, and part of this process is making a commitment to yourself where you set the benchmark and you hold yourself responsible for reaching it.

This is about you and the way you dialogue with yourself; the way you allow your inner self-talk to go. It's about your thoughts and what you do with them: do you allow them to run your life for you? Do you allow them to torture you? How committed are you to ensuring that you are in charge of your thoughts, as opposed to it being the other way around? It's about the way you look at yourself - on all levels. If there is something about yourself that you don't like, are you proactive about changing it? let's be more specific: I'm not so concerned with whether you don't like the fact that you have very fine, or very curly, or very thick , or very straight hair, as I am with the fact that you may not like your judgmental part; your critical part; your prejudiced part, or the fact that you are inherently lazy. Are you proactive about changing these aspects of yourself? Are you committed to yourself in that way? It's also about the way you pull yourself up when you have fallen down and dust yourself off and start over. Not to prove anything to anyone but yourself. But because you are committed to yourself. Being committed to yourself also means loving yourself, and it shows you how - when you work on some part of your being, other parts also improve and consequently improve your life. Commitment to yourself can bring about great change. It's your choice.


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