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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Could You Live Well Without Your Heart or Guts?

This post is NOT about health issues, or losing a vital organ. It is about some important psychological, emotional, and spiritual issues.

Imagine not having your heart. Or your entire visceral system - your guts. As you might imagine, in the case of the former, you would die, and in the case of the latter, while I can't definitively state that you would die - simply because I don't know - but I do imagine you would.

Here's my point: just as if we did not have use of the brain in our guts and our heart (what neuro-scientists are calling the second and third brains), as long as we don't use those 'brains', it is as though we did not have them.

How can you use them? First of all, understand that you have THREE brains (see Introducing Our Second & Third Brains: We Do Think With Our Heart and Instinct). Each of those three brains is vital to your well-being, just as each of your organs is vital to your physical well-being.

But there's a huge difference. Most of your physical organs tend to do their duty automatically. You don't have to think about making your heart pump, or of making your intestines do their own vital duty. Our three brains, however, need some training, or practice, or attention. Imagine if, as a small child, you had not been surrounded by people who taught you so many things that caused neural pathways in your brain to grow exponentially. We can see some of the results of that in children in some orphanages of war-ravaged countries, who have rarely had real human connections during those early and all-important first two years of life.

But of course, that was not your case. You learned how to use your rational or logical brain, the one that resides in your skull, in optimal ways.

But what happened to those other two brains of yours? Were you told to not be so emotional? Or were you told not to let your emotions rule your head? Did that not make you believe that whatever messages your third brain (heart brain) was sending you, were messages that at best, were not to be trusted, and at worst, were false?

And were you not told women's intuition simply doesn't let them think straight? Or were you not told that intuition is not reliable, not scientific, and therefore not good? Did that not make you believe that whatever messages your second brain (gut brain) was sending you, were messages that at best, were not to be trusted, and at worst, were false?

OK, so the world has come a long way, and much of the above is no longer being said quite as frequently - nor quite as disparagingly - as it used to be, but I find that for many people, it continues to remain as a deep-seated and ingrained distrust and doubt with regards to emotions and intuition - with emotional and intuitive knowing.

And if you distrust something, or doubt its value, not only will you not use it, but you won't even bother learning how to use it nor practice it.

So back to living well without those ever vital organs. In this case, how well can we live, if we pay scant attention to the knowledge that comes to us from our other brains?

Read the article I linked to above, inform yourself, and above all, understand that as long as you do not incorporate these other brains into your daily repertoire, you are figuratively living on one lung, or half a heart. Look into this and begin practicing how to make these other brains a valuable part of your life.

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