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Friday, August 7, 2015

Squeezing Each Moment For What It's Worth

What are you thinking right now? What are you feeling right now? Quick ... think of the answer to those two questions.

More often than not whatever the thoughts or the feelings you were having, they were actively contributing to lessening the potential enjoyment of your moment - or the potential to be able to see your moment as a growth experience instead of an experience filled with anger, pain or desolation. (Part of the reason this happens, is because most people are not conscious and aware at all times throughout their day - they are not mindful of what is going on, particularly on the inside. This is a question of practice and you can find more information by clicking on the mindfulness label below this post).

I'm not in Hawaii on vacation, you say? I'm at work. My boss just gave me more files to complete so I'll have to stay longer. Or perhaps: My father is ill. Or maybe even: I just failed the bar exam.

Sometimes I think readers will want to crucify me for repeating this so often, but it's a truth that changes nothing in your life until you assimilate it and begin to live by its precepts: what happens on the outside matters much less than what happens in your heart, mind and spirit with regards to those outer circumstances. But you must be aware. You must be conscious. You must be mindful. In other words, it is solely your reaction to external events that predicts how the event will affect you. This is a choice; a decision you make. And once you make that choice, you are in a position to squeeze each moment for what it's worth, because you will come from a very different inner perspective than the one that is unhappy and resists whatever is occurring.

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