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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Light Dispels Dark - Love Dispels Hatred

Once a candle has been lit in a dark room, the darkness will be dispelled and the room will be light, and will continue to be light, as long as the candle burns, and as long as other candles continue to be lit from the flame of the initial candle.

A friend commented yesterday that so much light is being spread in the world, that we are - perhaps - close to a critical mass. My view is slightly more jaundiced. I agree we may be very close to critical mass, but until those ways of seeing life filled with light pass over to the men and women who govern and rule, to those whose decisions make and break lives - not only in poor and developing nations, but also in our so-called first world nations, as well as in banks and trans-national corporations, not much will change. Or perhaps the push from those who form part of that critical mass to have better leaders will bring that about. I fervently hope so.

Going back to the dark room. What I wrote in the first paragraph above is so obvious.

Let's apply it to love. Once love has entered a place where there is hatred, love can begin to dispel the hatred, and the place where only hatred reigns will be smaller, and will continue to grow smaller, as long as love remains alive, and as long as others continue to bring more love after having warmed themselves in the flame of the love shown by the initial person who brought it into hatred.

Perhaps less obvious, but just as do-able as the candle metaphor.

Let us all be candles, and let our flame - our light - be filled with love.


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