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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Emerging From the Mud

The symbol of the lotus emerging from the mud in all its glory has always seemed to me to be so very appropriate for our inner journey of transformation. While the lotus is invisible, because it is still under the mud, it is nevertheless undergoing a monumental process of perfection in order to finally be able to arise above the surface.

In our lives it is not a dissimilar story. The 'mud' of our lives consists of all that which ideally we would wish not to be, or all that which creates issues for us, or all that which perpetuates our blindness. Once there is an element of awareness about all of this, you could say we've taken the first step. So far, so good. But what comes then?

At this point many people find it very difficult to proceed. How to go about this process of inner transformation? What can you do? Here is a very simple formula: think a little about the things you do that perhaps are annoying in other people:
  • do you criticize?
  • do you judge?
  • do you find it important to be right and need to prove this continually?
  • are you less than loving at many moments where you could be more loving?
  • are you impatient?
  • do you blame others?
  • do you continually find your self comparing?
Concentrate only on one of these. Let's say it's your impatience. So now you focus on it. Become very aware of yourself when you feel it. Begin by realizing that it is something you wish to eradicate from your being. Then have a brief self-dialogue, when you notice impatience arising, in which you tell yourself that this something you no longer want to do. Then tell yourself, that precisely because you no longer want to do it, you will not focus on whatever it is you are impatient about any longer. Focus on beauty and gratitude instead, for example (see many previous posts about these subjects ... click on labels below). Continue with this self-dialogue until you have the current situation in hand. Repeat this process every time you become aware of your impatience again. It may take weeks, months, or perhaps even years, but you will find that eventually you are the one who makes these decisions about your behavior, and not blind parts of yourself that jump into being whenever things occur.

And then, once you have that particular part of you in hand, go on to the next one. And slowly begin to emerge from the mud.


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