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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Applying What You Already Know to Your Life

You've been to so many workshops, retreats and seminars. You've read many of the books. Each time you attend another seminar, especially those that last a whole weekend, or even a week, they get you all pumped up, and you know that now finally things are going to change in your life ... but nothing changes. Same old, same old.

You know so much, so that when you read that new book, or listen to another seminar, you find that they are telling you fewer and fewer new things. You've already heard so much about it all. But nothing has changed in your life. Things are not getting much better.

So what's going on?

If you don't apply what you know on a daily basis, 24/7, nothing will change. The excitement and stimulation and hope and yearning that you feel when you read that new book or go to that new workshop, is only going to last as long as the book or workshop lasts unless you begin to apply the knowledge. And that will depend exclusively on you. On your choices. On all that you think, feel, say and do 24/7.

The best part is that at least at the beginning it doesn't make much difference which path you choose to move forward. All paths eventually lead to Rome. Once you've already moved some distance down that path of growing and changing, you might want to take another look and perhaps you'll decide on a different way to do it at that point. But right now - when you're still at the initial stages of the path and haven't yet actually begun to move, don't let yourself booked down by the decision-making process, secon-guessing yourself, trying to decide which path is the best. They all have merit. Simply pick one that resonates and start. Now. It's a choice.

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