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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Use the Tools You Already Have

There is so much information available to us today ... in this year, this decade, this century, this millennium ... particularly information that allows us to live better lives, not only more productive lives, but much better lives on levels that go way beyond that.

We can be healthier, due to the information cutting-edge science is constantly feeding us. We can be more content and happier, less stressed, more in tune with ourselves, in a much better place inside ourselves, simply due to information that is constantly pouring out at us on so many levels.

Tools are available to us that no one would have - or could have - dreamed about a mere decade ago ... tools that allow us to resolve issues that in the last century were dealt with over years of treatment, and even then, more often than not, simply not resolved.

But we - here and now in this time of our history - have tools ... if we only go out looking for them.

Or ... if we already have them, if we've already received or found them ... if we would only stop procrastinating and use them.

Today it's about that. This post is about reminding you to use what you already have gleaned, rather than just reading it or hearing it and then not doing anything about it. There is so much, and yet we tend to sit back and vegetate.

I often think that part of the reason for this lack of initiative is that we are lazy and not disciplined when it comes to making changes - even positive changes - that can impact our lives.

I also often think it has to do with the fact that so many of us don't really allow the possibility of real change being possible enter our lives. We've been taught so long and so forcefully that change only comes with a price tag of hard work, that we are not excited about trying some of the tools we may have learned about at a workshop last weekend, or read about in a book or article the other day, or observed in a program on TV or on YouTube.

You might also like to listen to the audio file of a radio show I did about this topic some time ago,
I've Been to all the Seminars, and all the Workshops, and I've Read all the Books, But My Life is Still the Same... in order to hear more about this topic of our procrastination when it comes to not rushing out to make changes even when all the tools are already in our hands. (NOTE: Once you click on the above link, scroll down to the "Awareness & Consciousness" section and find the audio file ... in alphabetical order.)


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