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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Stand Out From the Crowd

Don't you like to think you're special? I do. Don't you like to think you are not just another person, but that you have something different to offer? I certainly do. But what we would like to think about ourselves and what is our reality are often two entirely different issues.

Yet there is something you can do which will eventually make you stand out so much that others may wish to follow your steps. It's quite simple (but not what most automatically do). It's almost a secret, simply because few bother to find out about it because of the fact that our culture puts so much greater emphasis on another kind of behavior that guarantees outer success. Doing "it" doesn't give immediate tangible benefits but over the long term, it gives what are probably the greatest benefits any individual may wish for: inner peace, freedom, harmony, self-love, and joy.

What is it? Simply this: spend a bit of time every day becoming more aware than the day before. As you do so, spend a bit of time every day making choices that come from this place of awareness. And as you do that, recognize that your awareness and your conscious choices are creating a pattern of self-responsibility that takes in all you feel, think, say, and do, and how you react at any given moment under any given circumstance. This further leads to self-love, and self-love, which we can define as making of your inner well-being a priority, means that you will be of so much greater benefit to all those whose lives touch yours. And of course, as you practice all of this, you will reach a place of inner freedom, peace, harmony, and joy. And that, my friend, is how you can stand out from the crowd!


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