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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Making Better Choices: Re-focusing Your Thoughts

Posts and articles about re-focusing your thoughts to something more positive abound. In this one, I propose a slightly different version that may help you to get a more firm grip on your thoughts in a way that promotes your well-being.

First: 'Canceling' a thought or simply replacing a thought with another, more positive thought does not generally work. It's a bit like telling someone not to think about horses. Guess what they will think about?

Second: Simply using affirmations without some other methodology to shift into another energetic flow than the one you were on prior to using the affirmations, again, does not generally give great results.

Here are the five concepts that I believe are necessary in order to create a successful move from thoughts that plague and torture you, or simply make you feel less than good, to an inner place of well-being:
  1. understand that whatever your thoughts are about, by changing them consciously, you are not repressing them, nor are you pretending you have solved whatever it is that is bothering you (hence the thoughts), but that you are choosing to focus your attention elsewhere
  2. understand that when you focus your attention elsewhere, whether it is on affirmations, or on reading an inspirational passage or book, or viewing a motivational video, it will serve your purpose only if you also manage to shift your energetic state from where you are with the thoughts that are bothering you to another, better (even if only slightly) state
  3. understand that only when your energy has shifted to a better place, will you truly be able to give focus and strength to better thoughts
  4. understand that in order to shift to a better energetic place, you will need to turn off, so to say, the earlier, more negative thoughts, even if only for a moment
  5. understand that one of the simplest methods for quieting the mind is by practicing a mindful focus on beauty, then focusing on gratitude for said beauty in your life and then mindfully noting the shift (even if only slight) that has taken place in your energetic state.
Choosing where you focus your thoughts is NOT repressing the bad ones but giving energy to better ones.


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