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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Toxic Work Environments

Living a difficult situation at work can be one of the hardest things to deal with. Many people have told me about how much such a situation affects their daily well-being as well as the state of their inner energy. It can affect your mood, your happiness; it can cause despair, anger, suffering, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, and even depression. A sensation of helplessness and hopelessness can pervade your daily life, and if you feel you are impotent in the face of whatever your particular work circumstances may be, it may drive you to rage, or conversely, on weekends, it may cause migraines, back pains, or other manifestations of a physiological nature that affect your health. In a word, depending on the specific factors involved in your situation, and the way you are dealing with them, something like this has the potential power of making your life very miserable indeed.

You may be experiencing issues with supervisors or bosses, or you might have difficult-to-deal with interpersonal issues with colleagues, occasionally even with employees, although often that is the easiest one to solve - either way, your life is miserable. The situation at work has crept with ever-expanding tentacles into every corner of your life.

So what can you do? I'm going to assume you've exhausted all the usual possibilities: above all, you've attempted to communicate and thus far, at least, your endeavors have not met with success. Life continues to be fraught with difficulty.

Here are some ways of moving forward while you contemplate other potential solutions:
  • Realizing that this situation is creating stress, anxiety, and worse in you, which affects not only your psyche, but also your body, you already know how important it is to learn how to relax. Doing some simple daily mindfulness exercises will take you in that direction (more below).
  • Realizing that part of what ails you is how much your thoughts go in a continual loop about what is bothering you, you already know how important it is to learn how to be in charge of those thoughts, as opposed to the thoughts being in charge of you. Doing some simple daily mindfulness exercises will take you in that direction (more below).
  • Realizing that the more aware you are at all times: of your thoughts, your reactions, your feelings, etc., you already know how important it is to learn how to be aware as much as possible all throughout your day. Doing some simple daily mindfulness exercises will take you in that direction (more below).
So what can you do that is so simple, and that is called mindfulness, and that will help you with all these issues? Take a 15-minute walk every day with the following guidelines:

Choose a time, during daylight hours when you can walk unimpeded, on your own, for 15 minutes. Start by focusing on the beauty around you, whether this is beauty you see, smell, hear, taste or touch. When you do this, also allow yourself to feel gratitude for whatever it is you are perceiving with one or more of your senses. This brings you into the present moment, allowing your mind to be still. Then do it again, by noticing something else, and again, feel the gratitude. Try to continue doing this for the entire 15 minutes; i.e., go from one beautiful thing to another and each time pause to appreciate the beauty, then feel gratitude for its presence in your life at that moment. If at one point you realize your thoughts have wandered off to your worries or past pain, or just everyday problems, don’t get annoyed with yourself. Simply pull yourself back to noticing beauty again until your 15 minutes are up.

This simple exercise allows new neural pathways to form and strengthen each time you practice the mindfulness walk. This exercise builds on itself day after day, and the section of your brain that has a great deal to do with inner well-being, and the speed with which you can 'switch' over to it, will grow in strength even more quickly.

This means, with regards to the topic of a toxic work environment, that you will - as you practice this more and more - be able to find pockets of time every day in which you are able to move yourself - inside of yourself - to a better place, one where you don't feel quite as awful as you normally do. As time passes, these pockets of time will grow in length, and after having practiced this for a time, you will notice that you spend more time in the good place than in the toxic one - at least internally. You will notice that your practice of the walk permeates your daily life simply as you notice a plant you may have on your desk, or one that you see outside the window, or a painting on the wall (or poster) that appeals to you, and so on.

You may also notice - as an added benefit, that as you spend more time in a less toxic place inside your head, heart, and gut (remember, we have three brains - and they all impact us - for more information also see Introducing Our Second & Third Brains: We Do Think With Our Heart and Instinct), that this better place inside of you - that you have brought about thanks to your practice of mindfulness - leads you either to other, better thoughts or attitudes about your current situation, and potential solutions to it, or actually brings other solutions to you, perhaps because you are more open to them energetically, or both.


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