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Friday, February 27, 2015

Choosing Something Different Rather Than Worrying

One evening my Live Your Best Life group that has been meeting with me on a weekly basis since 2010 (not always the same people of course), was discussing the topic of worry and how best to deal with it. We looked at many parts of this, including the body, the emotions and thoughts, and the spirit, and much of our talk revolved around a proactive way of looking for solutions to the subject of worry, as opposed to giving in to mindless worry.

However, at some point one of the members remarked on the fact that there are, of course, situations when there is no solution. You may not be able to heal from your illness, you may not be able to find a job anytime soon, you may not be able to stop the bank from repossessing your home, you may not be able to keep your partner from walking out, you may not be given that promotion, and of course an infinite number of other examples could be listed.

So what do you do then? What happens to that proactive looking for a solution business when there is no solution? I believe that this can be answered very simply in just a few words: you then focus on how you will react to - and live with - this new situation. You may also wish to draw to mind some famous words by Krishnamurti spoken in the '60's when he was on the West Coast giving lectures. At one point he said to those who followed him and came to these lectures, that he realized they had not yet understood a fundamental point of his teaching, and that therefore, that evening he would tell them the secret to his happiness. It was this: the secret to my happiness is not minding what happens. (Click here to read another post on this blog with further explanations about this concept: Not Minding What Happens).

How you react and what you decide to do with your thoughts and feelings, are all a matter of choice. Is that easy? No. But it's learn-able and do-able. I've written a great deal about choice and you can click on the label under this post, or these articles that have previously appeared:
So: how do you react, and what do you decide to do with your thoughts and feelings when worrisome matters enter your life? The choice will always be yours.

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