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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Where Do You Go When You're Not Here?

When you're not here, you're obviously somewhere else, but if I qualify the 'here' and ask where do you go if you're not here in your mind or thoughts, we have a very different kettle of fish, don't we?

So where do you go?
  • Are you in a place of past pain? Was that when you were 5 or 12 or 29 or 48?
  • Are you remembering the conversation you had last night with your partner and what you were arguing about?
  • Are you mulling over what the other kid at school said (23 years ago) that made you feel so humiliated?
  • Are you thinking about that idiot that almost caused you to have an accident five minutes ago?
  • Are you worrying about paying the bills?
  • Are you stressing about the paper you have to present, or the report you have to finish, or the talk you have to give before the board?
  • Are you thinking about those extra pounds you put on over the holidays?
  • Are you wondering if that person you had a date with last weekend is as interested in you as he/she made out to be?
  • Are you thinking about your next vacation ... four months from now?
  • Are you worrying whether the clothes you've decided to wear to that dinner next Friday are appropriate?
  • Are you having anxious thoughts about that wisdom tooth extraction tomorrow afternoon?
As you can see, absolutely all of this refers to mental or thought places you take yourself to when you are not here. So that means that a huge portion of your now time takes place in past or future time. Almost like a science fiction movie depicting time travel except that because it's about your life, it's not exciting to do this kind of travel, but rather sad. And of course the reason it's sad is because you are throwing your life away.

Become aware of this time traveling element of your thoughts. Become aware of your role in it. Become aware of your capacity to choose differently; to choose to remain here as opposed to going there. Become aware of the priceless value of your life ... if you manage to live it now rather than then. You choose.


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