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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Year to Leave Useless Impediments Behind

Removing some of the dead weight from your life clearly means that you will be able to move forward more quickly. Progress can happen in a more efficient, orderly, and above all, a more transformative manner if detritus isn't continually cluttering your path. Shifting what you focus on - in order that what you focus on may be of use to you - is also much easier when useless impediments are left behind.

Think of a road through verdant green fields framed by flowering bushes. Then imagine the entire landscape cluttered with billboards and signs that make it very difficult for you to appreciate the beauty around you. Obviously, if a law were passed removing those screaming billboards, you could see what was truly there.

In life it's not very different. Let's examine some of the billboards that scream at us and clutter the scenery so that we simply can't see what is there:
  • negative emotions: hating, feeling jealousy or envy, impatience
  • deciding you are unable to forgive (see previous posts under the label 'forgive')
  • choosing not to learn how to love yourself (see posts under the label 'self-love')
  • being critical and judgemental
  • needing to be right (see posts about 'being right')
  • distracting yourself from inner pain by focusing almost exclusively on external trappings (money, position, outer appearance, etc.)
  • carrying the weight (that has created much of the inner pain referred to in the previous point) around with you, when you know that you could make other choices (if you don't believe this is true, read some of the previous posts under the label 'making choices')
  • choosing not to live in the now (see posts about 'mindfulness')
There are many more we could touch on, but I'd like you to recognize that just as when you learned how to form your first letters with that rather clumsy hand when you were being taught how to write, somehow - almost as if by magic - that early learning led to being able to read your childhood books that heretofore had been read to you by your parents, as did it lead to being able to read all manner of books, even in other languages, if you were being raised speaking more than one; and so does the very early beginning of leaving behind some of the useless impediments listed above - even if you do it very slowly at first, just as you fashioned those letters with your little hand very slowly at the beginning - lead you to be able to leave the others behind bit by bit because abandoning one of them changes just enough inside of you to have an effect on all the others. 

Dead weight, detritus, and impediments: don't let them litter your life any more! Make a choice that benefits you and allows your life to transform.


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