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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Peace, Education & Freedom for all Children

Today Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi will receive the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. Both started as children in their attempts to change the lives of children, and of course, Malala - at the age of 17 - is still a child. Both have been attacked and both persevere.

We know something of their stories due to mass media coverage, so rather than rehash that, my interest today is to attempt to understand what fuels them.

Look at this young girl. She has been speaking out in favor of education for all children, but particularly for girls since she was 11. She got shot in 2012. Does she look as though she is taking selfies? Is she worried about how thin she is? How many boys like her? Whether she can afford to get the latest designer bag?

And look at this man who began to help poor children who were segregated from schools due to their lack of funds by collecting books in a cart in India for those children when he himself was still at school. He continued with what is now his life work by doing his utmost to eradicate child labor and child slave labor. Does he look as though he is posting photos of himself on Facebook driving a late model high end car? Or does he look as though he is wondering how his stock portfolio is doing?

So back to the question; what fuels them?

I believe it has much to do with an inner recognition that we are all one. We are not separate, and therefore what happens to you, also - on energetic levels - happens to me. And what I do affects you, and so on. They simply do not see the differences that make most of us tick. They work from another perspective - that of the human family. They care. They are compassionate. They don't see skin color, or what a person wears, or where he comes from. They simply see that we all have needs and rights and all these needs and rights need to be freely available. They see that we are all one. 

What are we - you and I - doing to move ourselves further in that direction as well?


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