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Monday, December 1, 2014

Carrying a Heavy Load

As you go through a long day of errands and shopping, you find yourself weighed down at the end with many different parcels. You may despair of ever ending your duties and getting rid of the numerous bags and packages, and you notice how your arms ache from carrying them around. You also notice that the lovely ice cream that was tempting you, was simply not possible to have because your hands were so occupied in carrying what you already had in them. So you did not have the ice cream and you also didn't stop to smell the glorious jasmine because it would have been impossible to stoop down with all that weight in your hands. Finally, you wanted to run your hand over the rich velvet of a sofa in a display, but again, could not, because of all that you already had in your hands. It would have simply been too much trouble to let it all go, allow yourself the pleasure of feeling the velvet, and then picking it all up again in order to get all those parcels to the car.

However, on some occasions you may find that you are able to make a brief stop at your car halfway through the day in order to deposit some of the packages in the trunk, thus allowing your arms to relax again and therefore you feel less tired.

In our lives we are loaded down with another kind of burden that can weigh even more heavily on our minds than those packages weigh on our arms, especially if we are not able to let go of those burdens and therefore we continue to allow them to occupy a place inside of us. Those are the burdens of pain, anger, suffering, and resentment about wrongs that others have done to us or that are related to the unfairness of life and that we refuse to release, or we choose not to release, or on occasion, we may not even be aware of the fact that we could release them. And so of course more and more of these burdens accumulate inside of us, leaving very little room for joy and delight and love and happiness. It was the Buddha who said: Remembering a wrong is like carrying a burden on the mind.

Have you chosen to let go of the wrongs of your life? Remember that the less you love yourself, the more you will cling to the pain and resentment, and the more you love yourself, the more you will be able to do this - in fact - the more you will want to do this. 


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