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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Things To Do While Waiting For Happiness & Success

Waiting for success to arrive can be a daunting business. It can elude us, with the slippery qualities of a fish in the water. You may despair of anything ever happening, and so you continue to wait hopefully that success will finally alight on your doorstep.

But what are you doing during this waiting period? 

Let's look at another scenario. Imagine you want to be happy - also a daunting business. But again, happiness always seems to elude you like that proverbial slippery fish. You never get that promotion, without which you can't be happy. You  never have a vacation that is long enough to allow you to take a road trip from Mexico to Patagonia, without which you can't be happy. You never get that Porsche, without which you can't be happy. You never lose those ten pounds, without which you can't be happy. You never got the public acknowledgement and praise for that thing you did, without which you can't be happy.

So here you are in another kind of anteroom to happiness: a waiting period, where you wait to achieve or receive or do something in order to then - finally, ipso facto - be happy.

In both examples you can choose to do something different - something that allows you to feel a measure of that success; a measure of that happiness now! You find success in what you do every day, every step of the way, along that road to the other success you are aiming at, and by finding this success every day in your daily steps, you will bring another kind of energy to your life than the helpless, hopeless energy consistent with that continual hoping. And in the case of happiness you can choose to find happiness in the everyday activities of your life. You can be happy now - your happiness does not depend on outer circumstances, but on inner choices. Jonathan Winters said: I could not wait for success, so I went ahead without it. The same applies to happiness.

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