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Monday, November 3, 2014

Staying on Your Goals in All Your Now Moments

Reaching a goal is not necessarily what gives you satisfaction. Fully accomplishing a task is not necessarily where you find joy. Part of it - part of the satisfaction and joy you achieve, you receive on your way there when you get out on a daily basis and take the - perhaps quite minute - steps that are necessary to take today in order to get to that goal that you want to reach next week, in five months or in several years.

You all know the story about someone being congratulated on their 'overnight' success. They answer: thanks, it only took 20 years. But that is rarely the part that other people see - or even that they want to see.

George Lorimer said: You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction. That holds true for just about anything you set out to do. Studying for a degree at university? It will take a minimum of three or four years, depending on your country and educational system. That's just for an undergraduate degree, not to mention masters and doctoral degrees that take much longer. So during that time what keeps you going? Part of it is your determination to do each day the bit that corresponds to that day in order to get to the end of the current semester, study the texts, write your papers, make your presentations, take your exams, and achieve a grade that will allow you to move to the next level. But that is precisely what gifts you with satisfaction with yourself on that daily basis. If all you think about is the end result, not even the degree, but the professional position such a degree will allow you to have, you will not only - in some fashion - waste those years for lack of enjoyment and satisfaction, but you will also deny yourself the daily satisfaction you are meant to have.

Leonardo da Vinci said: People of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things. And of course, what they did, as they were 'happening' to things, was not accomplish a goal at that very moment, but to take the daily steps to get there. And feel satisfaction for it.

We have a current average life expectancy of approximately 87 years in the Western world. Assuming a child has a relatively decent childhood and family environment, it can be filled with much joy every day simply because of the wonder and amazement it experiences with every new thing it sees and smells and hears and learns about. It can seize satisfaction from every moment all day long.

That gift, however, tends to be taken from us at some point in our childhood due to the kind of socialization we receive in the home, our churches, and our schools. We forget how to enjoy the moment, and we forget how to enjoy the journey. This literally means that years and decades of our lives are spent looking towards the future, towards a goal, but not living and enjoying the present moment - no matter what we might be doing. Sometimes that may mean that we can only enjoy something that is inside of us.

Today's post is about recapturing that, about remembering how to 'get out and happen to things', about remembering how to feel determined, and about remembering how to get satisfaction from all we do, as we move towards our goals and accomplishments.


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