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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Approaching the Self

You know that to come closer to your self - your inner self - the you that is always you, and that was always you, even before you were born and became who you are now - you know, don't you, that in order to come closer to that self you may have to spend some time with yourself?

This is easier said than done if you have been busy being busy. If you have dedicated much time to developing your outer self (your professional, social, and financial prestige, your knowledge of good wines or aged scotch, your skill at golf or tennis, and your ease in even the most exalted of circumstances - all of which are admirable elements to develop), but have spent little time developing your inner self, then you may not take to this business of approaching the self as a fish takes to water. Rather, you may feel very much out of your element.

Oh, you say, but I have been busy raising a family, being a breadwinner, and doing all those things that life requires of us in that process. Yes. Life requires much of us that appears to lead us away from the self, so part of the process of approaching the self involves using life, and all the activities it asks of us - sometimes in near never ending fashion - as part of that. That means, in other words, remaining conscious while you participate in many activities that normally serve to keep you in a blind place, and anything but conscious and aware.

So that brings us to mindfulness. It is one very simple way of approaching the self due to the fact that it leads you to being aware at all times. Whether you are in the shower, preparing breakfast, driving to work (with a car full of children or teens that you are dropping off at their respective schools on the way there), or whether you are sitting in a board meeting, chairing a global conference on aid for Ebola victims, or getting ready to go out for dinner with a few of your friends after a friendly neighbourhood baseball game - if you follow the precepts of a simple mindfulness practice - you will be aware at all of these times. Or - if you are still working on getting there - you will frequently catch yourself in momentary blindness or reactivity, but quickly enough to take you back to awareness before long.

Read this for a brief post about beginning a mindfulness practice that - if done on a daily basis - will impact your life very quickly

You see, what this means is that you never get 'lost' in life so much that you forget that you are you and that by approaching yourself in this conscious fashion through your daily activities, you will come closer and closer to the part that always was, is and will be you. This leads to inner peace. It leads to self-love of a very caring kind, and it leads to inner well-being.

Image: Lotus blossom emerging from the mud, as the self may emerge from life


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