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Friday, September 12, 2014

Cancer Support Group

Alternative Thursdays, beginning Sept. 25th, 2014
7:30 to 9 pm 

This cancer support group is designed both for those who have been recently diagnosed or are currently undergoing treatment, as well as for those who have come out the other end, but are still feeling its consequences - on any level. Caretakers and family are also welcome.

We will meet every second Thursday, beginning Sept. 25th.

As a cancer survivor myself (2006), I am deeply aware of many of the intricacies, both physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual that may assail you. This group aims at discussing some of the issues you may be facing on those inner levels, and offers tools to allow you to move forward - inside yourself - in a way that benefits your well-being on all levels.

If you are interested, please send an email to gabriella@advancedpersonaltherapy.com in order to be placed on the twice-monthly email list for notification of the meetings.

You will not be expected to divulge personal details at any time unless you wish. The group meeting will begin at 7:30 and last until approximately 9 pm. For approximately the first 30 minutes I will introduce the topic of the week, followed by a group discussion about that topic, or whatever other topics may arise.

If you wish to participate, you may come to any of the meetings - and although it is recommended that you attend as many as possible,
as all meetings are planned in order to benefit you and your well-being, in such a way that you are more able to take charge of your inner world. There is, however, no minimum attendance requirement. Everyone is welcome, whether you have previously attended or not.

*** Schedule September - December 2014 ***

Sept. 25               The Gift Inherent in Everything
Oct. 9                   Joy, Fear, Thoughts & Survival
Oct. 23                  Living a Day at a Time
Nov. 6                   Changing the Story of Your Genes
Nov. 20                 Mindfulness: An Approach to Inner Peace
Dec. 4                   Dealing with the Holidays: Finding a new Narrative

The group will reconvene after the Christmas break on January 15th, 2015

There is a per-meeting participation fee of 15 Euros. Please bring exact change. (Please contact me privately if cost is an issue).

Please do your utmost to arrive punctually between 7:15 and 7:30 prior to the beginning of the meeting. Coming later than this time will interrupt the flow of the group. The venue is Edificio Iiwi-A-25, Calle 25, Guadalmina Alta (close to Cable Ski in Guadalmina and Passion Café in San Pedro). If you need directions, please send an email.

If you wish to participate in any given meeting, please RSVP before Wednesday at 9 pm prior to the Thursday meeting you wish to attend at info@advancedpersonaltherapy.com If you subsequently need to change your plans, please also let me know in order to give your place to another person as seating is limited. 

Further Information:

                                                    Phone: 34 952 929 071  


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