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Friday, August 29, 2014

The Tracks You Leave Behind

Sometimes you are the first to take a given road - even if that road is only in your local neighbourhood. Sometimes you have the courage to walk down a path no one has walked on before - even if that path is only in your school / company / circle of friends. Sometimes you become a trailblazer - necessarily a global trailblazer, but a trailblazer in a specific arena. Sometimes you leave footprints for others to follow in; footprints that show those who come after you where the pitfalls lie and where it's safe to step, and especially which of those steps, or which succession of steps takes them to unimagined heights. Sometimes those footprints take those who come after you towards magnificent views and panoramic vistas stretching far into the horizon, and sometimes those others realize that thanks to following in your steps they just managed to avoid falling down a deep chasm at the side.

Trailblazing and leaving steps for others to follow is a very important - and potentially far-reaching - responsibility. If you know you are doing this, take special care to be very aware of the nature of the steps you are leaving behind. Also take special care to ensure that those footprints are indeed ones that you yourself would wish to tread in, were you one of the ones to follow. The more conscious you are of what you leave for others to observe, and the more you take this responsibility seriously, the more it is likely that the tracks you leave will prove to be of great advantage for those who follow.

The fact that people who may walk in the tracks you have left behind doesn't signify they will stay in your tracks all their life - it simply means they may follow in them for a space of time, or for a particular aspect of their lives. So this isn't about converting anyone to your cause or belief structure so that they then follow your tracks, or of becoming a guru who leads others who follow in your steps, but rather, about being aware of the importance of all the tracks that you leave, because anyone, at any time, may follow in them for some steps. And hopefully those steps will have been left behind by you in such a way that they illuminate, inspire, encourage, and support those who walk in them.

What tracks are you leaving behind today?


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