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Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Lotus Inside of You

Growing into adulthood in our modern society, most of us, especially in our western civilization, have taken on much of the murkiness that pervades life in general. It has come to take up residence, so to speak, within us. The elements that we are all so familiar with: greed, anger, spite, envy, competitiveness that goes to any lengths to win, self-righteousness, lies, selfishness, arrogance, and sloth, to mention only a few, form a major part of this. And prior to that societal murkiness, perhaps we had already taken on the twisted and sometimes very painful, dark, and incomprehensible dysfunctionality of our own family.

Societal murkiness and dark dysfunctionality make for a muddiness inside ourselves, a lack of light and clarity, a lack of peace and harmony, a lack of healthy self-love and self-caring, as well as a lack of freedom from these constrictions.

One of the symbolic meanings of the lotus is that just as the flower emerges from the mud - indeed, it needs the mud; the darkness, the murky context of that damp morass, in order to be able to flourish and present itself to us in all its brilliance - so we too can take a path that will lead us to the state of the lotus within, a state of enlightenment. And although I borrow the word from spiritual literature, I use it here in a more practical sense.

Allow that inner self to emerge from the murkiness and dark by becoming conscious of the fact that such a process lies in your hands. Take on responsibility for yourself and your growth, responsibility for your inner freedom, joy and harmony, and for your self-love. Choose to do this from a position of conscious awareness that there are always choices to be made, and absolutely each choice leads to a different set of consequences. Which consequences are you choosing today?


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