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Friday, July 4, 2014

Using Feelings to Achieve Goals

In the blog I've frequently written about the importance of your feelings, your emotions, your energetic frequency as a barometer that can tell you whether you're on the right track or not.

If you are feeling down, sad, blue, depressed, despairing, angry, jealous, etc., you are definitely not in the place you should be in to get further towards whatever goals you are attempting to achieve. Whether these goals are of a personal nature, regarding major relationships in your life, or whether they are of a professional nature, or academic or financial goals ... none will come to you effortlessly if your inner state is not on a track that can lead you there.

You can easily use your feelings to guage whether you are in synchronicity with whatever it is you wish to achieve. It somes down to this simple equation: if you are not feeling good, whatever you wish to achieve will be very hard to come by. Your feelings are a barometer that tells you that you - and your internal self - are off course and need attention of some kind in the same way a fever thermometer tells you your body is off course and needs attention of some kind. And then, of course, once you realize that your feelings are not in synchronicity with that which you wish to achieve, you will need to choose to do something about them.

And to change how you are feeling is not quite as hard as it sounds. It has a lot to do with choice, and it has much to do with what you choose to focus on. If your goal is to build a company up from the ground, or if your goal is to set the world record in making the tallest house of cards, or if your goal is to have a loving relationship in your life ... if you find yourself in a negative state, or sad, or angry, or depressed, especially if those negative feelings are related to how you feel about your prospects of achieving that goal (but even if they aren't about that specifically), then you must realize that such an inner feeling state is anything but synchronized with any of those goals.

Your feelings can guide you through your entire life. Observe them, pay attention to what they are telling you, because when you find that your energetic state is poor, when your feelings are low, they are literally serving as a GPS showing you that you made a wrong turn somewhere, and so are indicating that you need to move you to a better place.


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