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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Building Muscles That Keep You Going

Clients often come to see me in the midst of chaos. That's understandable - after all, people such as myself who work in the field of psychotherapy and healing - expect that.

Nevertheless, there is something wrong with that scenario. You've all heard of how historically Chinese doctors of medicine were paid a retainer to keep their patients healthy. If they did their job well, helping the clients stay healthy, surgery or other drastic measures would not be required.

So in the example I cited above, about clients making appointments when they are in the midst of chaos, lives falling apart, or dreadful moments of pain, worry, and stress, it's a bit of the same. If you eat poorly, don't exercise, sleep badly, and in general, live an unhealthy life, and then you go to the doctor when you feel very poorly, it will be much harder to turn your health around, than if you had gone to see that doctor long ago, in order to get good advice about how to live a healthy life in order to greatly increase your chances to not get sick.

In the case of psychotherapy we can use the same analogy. The way we live our lives in the minutes of our days - every day - has a far greater influence on how well we are able to weather great emotional, psychological, and spiritual storms than what we do when the storm hits, especially if we don't do whatever it is until we are already well into the eye of the storm. If you invested in hurricane shutters, and always keep an up-to-date supply of batteries, bottled water, and canned foods on hand, when that storm hits your city, you won't have to scramble madly, fighting the crowds, in order to get yourself stocked up.

Therefore, the title of today's post: 'building muscles that keep you going' has much to do with what you do every day when things are OK; when there is no particular stressor in your life, and when you believe yourself to be in control of matters. What you do on such days; what you think on such days; what you feel on such days is what builds the stuff of your inner fortitude that will work in your favour when difficulties come to visit. So if you don't really know what you could be doing, thinking, and feeling in order to build those muscles that will keep you going, you might want to decide that it then when it's a good time to attend some seminars, read some good books, or visit someone such as myself, instead of postponing much of this until the proverbial stuff hits the fan!

One final point: many people have told me during their first visit that they have, in fact, gone to many seminars, or read numerous books, but their life never changed. They recount how hyped they were, for example, after some of the seminars, or how much peace they had found after a retreat, or how much this or that book had resonated with them, but their life never changed. Therein lies the problem, and I've been guilty of this myself at earlier times in my life. You know what you're hearing or reading is precisely what you need. It furthermore gives you a sense of great inner energy. But you go home, or you close the book, or switch off your device after viewing an online program, and you simply don't apply what you learned on a daily basis. Building muscles that keep you going need attention every day. Not necessarily exclusive attention, in that you may not need to set aside time to practice, because much of it can be done simultaneously with your other activities, but without paying conscious attention every day, when you do actually need those muscles, they won't be there for you. As always, you choose.

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