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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How Fit Are You?

The fitness center I go to is filled with many seekers of better health, trim bodies, and toned muscles. I alternate doing circuit training there and power walks on the beach promenade, where I also pass by numerous people doing exactly the same, in order to be healthy, and maintain trim bodies and toned muscles. We've learned that exercise is not only good for our physical bodies, but also for the plasticity of our brains, as well as for the state of our inner well-being, and so therefore, many have fully embraced a lifestyle that automatically includes some sort of physical activity. If you are one of those people, I applaud you. Doing this will go a long way to ensuring a good life.

But how fit are you in other areas?

Are you spending 45 minutes to one hour per day on those fitness activities? Now tell me: how much time do you spend on becoming more aware? Or how much time do you spend on calming your mind? Or how much time do you spend on nurturing yourself; on boosting your energetic frequency, in order to ensure that you remain in a great inner space? Or how much time do you spend practicing having healthier boundaries? Or how much time do you spend on training your mind to think thoughts that move your day forward in positive and beneficial ways, as opposed to spending time mired in the muck of hopeless thoughts of anger, victim-hood, or pain? For that matter, how much time do you spend learning how to love yourself?

I can just hear you saying that you simply don't have the kind of time it requires to do the things I've just enumerated. That's actually not true, as I'll illustrate in a moment. But first let's look at one simple idea: why is it important to spend time toning the body and not important to spend time 'toning' the mind and spirit? And I'm not suggesting you need to choose between the two - just that one is at least as - if not more - important than the other. With respect to time, many of the activities I've mentioned can be incorporated into other moments of something you are doing anyway. For example, if you have seminars, talks, podcasts, etc. available for listening in the car while you drive to your normal daily places, even if the drive is only five minutes long, you can listen then. No need to use other moments. When you get back in the car, resume listening. And so on. It adds up very quickly. Likewise, if you live alone, or if you shave or apply makeup when the others in your household are already gone (or before they get up), you can use those minutes to listen as well. Small vitamin shots of nurturing add up. Another great example is becoming aware. No need to do tedious exercises or spend time you need to spend on other activities in order to learn this. All you have to do is put up some reminders around your home or office that will jog your mind into awareness each and every time you look at them. For the next few seconds or minutes (or longer), you will remain aware about what is happening, you won't be nearly as reactive or prone to being manipulated by the button pushers in your life, and more importantly, you will have given yourself those moments of awareness today and those moments can be added to the ones you had yesterday when you did the same thing, and also to those of tomorrow, and so on. In the end, you will ultimately be living more moments of awareness on a daily basis than not. But you have to do something. It requires practice.

Being fit in the ways I'm describing makes the difference of a life lived with emotional and psychological blind infirmity and a life lived with inner freedom, joy, and harmony. All it takes is a bit of circuit training.

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