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Monday, June 23, 2014

Comparisons Are Bad For Your Health

Do you remember the kid in first grade whose bike was bigger and shinier than yours? And when you had your first baby, the neighbour across the street had one as well, and hers started talking before yours. Then there was that friend you had when you were teens who ate like a horse and never gained a gram, but you did just by watching all that food getting consumed. Oh, and let's not forget about John, whose dad got him a car right out of school. A new car. And you had to work part time all through school just to be able to afford tuition for your first year at university - and of course you had no money for a car and your parents couldn't afford to get one for you either. Before we get off the subject, do you remember that account executive that was hired way after you and yet got a promotion before you did? And then there was the family that bought a home in your neighbourhood - where you had been so proud to be able to afford a down payment on a home - and you soon found out they were going to flip it shortly to get a much larger one in a more upscale area of town because they had been able to pay a large amount down thanks to their in-laws. And your colleague Michael wrote an article that was published in a peer-reviewed journal while yours - with much more timely information - kept getting rejected.

If this sounds like a litany of complaints, it is one, but if you were the one saying these things or thinking these thoughts, you would simply think of them as a considered comparison of another person and yourself. You might even tell yourself that you could learn something by doing this because perhaps you could figure out how that person did the thing they did so much more easily or successfully than you.

Don't fool yourself. Comparisons of this nature are not only bad for your health, they are also bad for the energetic frequency of your body. The next time you do it, and if you are aware enough to check how you feel prior to the comparison going on in your head and then feel how different that energy is to how you feel after the comparison, you will see the veracity of this.

But why are they bad? If you are comparing something you do or possess to something another person has done or owns that is bigger, better, more successful than yours, you will continually place yourself into a position of losing. That's what comparison is about: I win - you lose, or: you win - I lose. And if by any chance you do acquire or achieve whatever it was you have been comparing yourself to, you will potentially continue in the same vein and now begin to compare what you have acquired or achieved to something bigger, better, or more successful. An so you will never win, and so you will continually eke away at your own energy, at your potential for inner satisfaction, and at your happiness. Think of it this way: comparison thoughts are low energy thoughts.

What about the bit where you think you might learn something by comparing? Is there not some truth to that? Yes. But not by comparing.

What happens when you admire someone? Think for a moment of individuals you admire. From real life, people you know personally, celebrities, or people from the arts, literature, people who have died long ago, but who continue to inspire you. Now notice how differently you feel when you think of someone you admire for whatever they achieved or how they lived their life, to how you feel when you compare. See the difference? Thoughts of admiration are high energy thoughts.

And you can learn so much from those that you admire. You can literally find gifts and strengths in yourself that perhaps have been lying a nascent state until you begin to realize you admire them out there in someone, and now you start drawing them to you, by emulating that characteristic or strength and growing it in yourself until you live that way as well. Choose to find those that you admire and move yourself in that direction.


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