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Friday, May 30, 2014

What Fills Your Head?

Clearly, we all have varied interests. John's into politics, Ted's into football, Marguerite likes the theatre, and Evelyn runs marathons. So those interests we hold, obviously form part of what fills our head. But let's take that a step further. We all have 'lives'. And our lives consist of our family and loved ones, our work, our hobbies, our social lives, etc. So again, part of what fills our head is related to that. But beyond all of that, we still have other pockets of interest in our minds.
  • reality tv shows
  • social media
  • non-stop televised sports
  • soaps (or what passes as something slightly different in our more modern televison viewing, but could be classified as soaps: those series with season after season of episodes that keep us chained to them)
  • non-stop news coverage on the canned channels that offer little room for anything other than the latest sound bite
  • rom-com's (movies or books)
  • thrillers (movies or books)
  • physical exercise: jogging, walking, circuit training, exercise classes, etc.
  • money
  • power
  • prestige (social, academic, professional, etc.)
  • youthfulness
  • being accepted
  • shopping
  • gardening
  • illness
  • following the latest news of your celebrity of choice
  • attending political rallies
  • attending back-to-back social events
  • worrying about what others think of you
  • gossiping
  • getting published in peer-reviewed journals in your chosen discipline
  • getting your art/music/film/book reviewed on major platforms
  • doing charitable work (bet you didn't expect that on this list!)
  • attending mass/church/synagogue/mosque/satsang, etc. (bet you didn't expect that either!)
Disclaimer: Do I not do any of this? Of course I do. I'm also there - at least in some of those places - and often grappling with myself about it. And do note that some of the potentially 'better' activities are - in my opinion - only better when they are done from a position of self-reflection, as opposed to from a position of either the ego wanting to show others something, or from mindless following of what someone else is doing or saying, or from a mindless (perhaps also desperate) need for momentary distraction.

As I observe people, both in my private practice and in my personal life (and as I observe myself), and as I observe what cinema and television serves up for us to consume, most of which does not encourage what I'm talking about here, I have to ask myself what has happened to contemplation? To self-reflection? To the inner quest for growth and understanding? To being mindful? How is it that we spend the bulk of our existence distracting ourselves with all of the above (some of which, admittedly, depending on how it decorates your existence, is very important to living a good life)?

Think of it this way: how much of what fills your head provides you with joy? With peace? With improved inner well-being? How much of it raises your energetic frequency? How much of it causes you to feel your life is worth living? How much of it makes you want to continue on the same path, knowing that each step forward creates even more of what you already have? That for me is the benchmark.

What fills your head?

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