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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Choosing Where to Place Your Attention

Consider where your attention tends to be during your day. Obviously part of your attention is on the things you must do. Get up, exercise (I hope), shower, eat breakfast, drive to work, work, have lunch, more work, drive home, have dinner, do household chores, watch TV, go to bed.

I am aware of the fact that the day I have portrayed sounds abominable for its lack of anything at all in it to redeem it (maybe the food? the scenery on the drive to work? maybe you enjoy the exercise?) ... but in a nutshell, that is, in fact, what many people's Monday - Friday lives boil down to. (And if the Monday to Friday is not good, the probability that the weekend will be better is not great, or even if it is, it may be plagued with headaches, backaches, etc., trying to call your attention to the fact that you need to change something about your life). Add in a spouse or live-in partner, factor in some kids, parents-in-law or other relatives, add in night studying to prepare yourself for greater ease in the job market, and the daily routine becomes even more congested with elements that may not give you great joy (or, if you've become more conscious and aware, perhaps they do).

So here's the thing: in this day of yours, where is your attention?
  •  Is it on the fact that you don't like your day?
  •  Or is it on the fact that you find your day mind-numbingly routine?
  •  Or is it on the fact that you don't like your job?
  •  Or the commute to work?
  •  Or that you are so tired because you didn't get enough sleep?
  • Or on the fact that you can't focus on anything other than that your partner/boy friend/ girl friend has left you?
  •  Or that you are dreading the presentation you have to give at the meeting at work today?
  •  Or that you find your colleagues stultifying?
  •  Or that you are worried because your doctor told you that you will have to cut down on the cholesterol?
  •  Or that you need to exercise and never seem to find the time?
  • Or that you don't know how you'll pay the increased mortgage? 
So let's assume that your attention is on some of those points, or others of a similar nature. Now what happens to your energy while your attention is there? After all, attention in that place means that your attention is in a negative place, and therefore your energy can't possibly be high. And apart from the fact that when your inner energy, the frequency at which you are vibrating inside of you, is low, due to the place where your attention is, things like your immune systems are implied, and so it would be easier, for example, for you to catch a cold, or the swine flu, it also means that what you are sending out there for yourself in the world, can't possibly reflect anything positive back to you.

So it's very important to catch yourself in the act of having your attention on the wrong things. You can do that more easily by paying attention to the way you feel. When you realize you are low on that vibratory scale (which right now may be most of the time), you know that you have to do something about it. And one of the things to do, is to re-focus, focus on something else, something that gives you pleasure, something that excites you.

So here you are in the car thinking about the dreariness of your commute, and you can focus on the brilliance of the blue sky. Or the beauty of the rain as it gives life to all that grows. Being mindful of your surroundings - especially the berauty of your surroundings and feeling gratitude for that - is one of the best ways of deploying your attention in a healthy and nurturing (for yourself)  fashion. Or you can focus on what you are planning to do so that the commute will soon be a thing of the past (as in re-engineering your life so that you can find a different job), or you can daydream for a bit, by focusing on something that suffuses you with pleasure, such as, for example, sailing around the world on a sailboat, or re-tracing Marco Polo's Silk Road in a Jeep. The possibilities are endless, and it is - of course - up to you to come up with some scenarios that will give you pleasure, but in so doing, you change the energy of your self, and once that is done, it will be easier for you to focus on the here and now with a new outlook.

Pay attention to where your attention is and you may change your life.

Image: Saint Bishoy Monastery (Coptic Orthodox), Wadi el Natrun, Egypt

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