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Friday, February 28, 2014

Different Vibrations, Different Results

"If you desire something (material, experiential, whatever), but your beliefs and thoughts all day long are about how impossible it will be for you to get it, and that you are being silly just to imagine that you will get it, then you are "entertaining" two very different vibrations simultaneously that will cancel each other out." Abraham

To put it into other words, whatever it is you wish to achieve, your mindset needs to remain on that thought, and on the belief that you will achieve it. The more you meander about, either on negative thoughts, or fear thoughts, or thoughts of doubt that you will not be able to achieve your goal (of whatever type), the more you are drawing yourself away from being able to achieve it.

With this thought we come back to the idea mentioned so often here (and not originally mine, but of many other authors throughout the millenia; something so wonderful to know, because by knowing it, you will be able to go in whichever direction you choose).

This idea is the notion of your own energy, your vibrational frequency. Your own energy is produced by your thoughts and feelings. The best way to maintain your energy high (and of course I am not talking so much about the energy you require to run a marathon, but the energy within you, that allows you to feel good as a whole about yourself and your life circumstances), is by paying close attention to your feelings. And then to correct as needed. It is through a specific good energy, or vibrational frequency that you are able to attract to your life that which you seek).

This vibrational frequency can be equated to a radio transmission. If you are searching for a specific radio show at the local level, you know that you have to go to a specific radio frequency on your dial. If you do not, you either don't get my program, or you get static, and a fuzzy reception, so you will not be able to understand what is being said.

It's exactly the same with your own vibrational frequency: if it is not on the right dial; if you are in a frame of mind or state of feeling that is not good, then you will only get static when you go after your goals, or you may not get anything at all.

Simple as this analogy sounds, it is so true. Change your feelings, use the energy barometer within you thanks to your state of feeling, and begin to observe how you can fine tune the emission in order to achieve exactly what you are aiming for.

(Note: I've just read an excellent article that relates to this topic from a slightly different angle, as it refers to how our energy is capable of changing our cells: New Study Reveals How to Upgrade Your Genetic Code)

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