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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Changing the World: One Person At A Time

Imagine you were once a heavy smoker. (As I was until September 1988). Or a heavy drinker. (As a dear friend of mine was until 1989). What happens when you stop? Don't some of your friends sit up and take notice? Don't some of them (perhaps only one of them) also stop? So by changing something about yourself, someone else observed it, and changed something about him or herself.

So what happens if you change something about your character? Perhaps you become kinder, more considerate, or as I discussed in this post, less critical, less impatient, less judgemental, etc. Is there not also someone observing this? Perhaps that someone isn't necessarily an individual who knew you the way you were before, but who is merely observing you now, and who has decided that they like the way you are, and want to be like that too. And so they change - at least in this regard - thanks to something they observed about you.

And what happens if by making these changes, you become so much more aware of yourself? You become conscious at all times, instead of only in moments of great intensity - good or bad - (which is when many first glimpse the effects of being fully conscious). And by so doing, you realize that you are, in fact, responsible for your own happiness and so you begin to take charge of your inner state of well-being, as opposed to allowing external circumstances dictate how you feel. And in so doing you increase the love you have for yourself. And while all of this is happening, someone else is observing you, and is thinking that they want that inner equanimity, that innner harmony that you have. And so they model you, or emulate you in some fashion, in order to bring about some changes in their own lives.

And then - as I imagine you will have already realized - another someone - observes the changes taking place in the person that initially observed you, someone who has no clue who you are, or even that the person they are observing made changes because of the fact that they observed you, and this third someone, now begins making some changes of their own. It becomes an exponentially growing pyramid of ever more changing and growing individuals who thus come to an increased place of inner well-being and joy.

This is how we can ALL change the world one person at a time. It's a win-win situation because you gain inner peace and freedom and others do as well, and eventually, if enough do it, the world will - in fact - also change. What are you doing today to change the world?

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Rewiring the Soul

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"The masterwork of a profoundly gifted healer of the soul. Dazzling, challenging, wondrously useful." Peggy Rubin, Director, Center for Sacred Theatre, Ashland, Oregon; author: To Be and How To Be, Transforming Your Life Through Sacred Theatre

"Rewiring the Soul is one the best introductions to the spiritual life I've ever read. Not esoteric but real-world & practical. The implications are profound." Peter Shepherd; Founder Trans4mind.com; author: Daring To Be Yourself 

"The human being's directory to the soul. A breakthrough for those seeking practical assistance, those of a more mystical bent & every soul awaiting discovery." Toni Petrinovich, Ph.D.; author: The Call: Awakening the Angelic Human

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The Power of Your Heart: Loving the Self 

My new book: The Power of Your Heart: Loving the Self, is just out. Click here to download an except. Here is a brief excerpt from the Introduction:

It is your right to live a life of love. It is your right to understand that loving yourself first is not a selfish way of behavior, but one that allows you to live that life of love. However, it's highly probable that you never got the instruction manual explaining exactly how to accomplish this. Possibly your family - and it may have been a loving family - considered loving the self an act of selfishness. Or perhaps the members of your family simply didn't practice loving the self, and of course, what you didn't see - what was not shown to you - while you were growing up, meant that you just didn't learn how to apply it to yourself. The closer you are able to move towards loving yourself, the closer you will be to living a life of love - quite independently of whether you are in a love relationship or not. A life of love can be lived with or without a partnership, because a life of love implies that you know that it all begins with you by loving the self. The more clearly you understand how to love yourself, the more clearly you will see that it is very hard - if not impossible - to love others in ways that are unrelated to fulfilling any of your needs. Loving yourself first is - for so many of us - one of the hardest things we will ever learn how to do. But know this: the benefits affect you in every particle of your being - body, mind, and soul - and are greater than you will ever be able to imagine.

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