"A revelation of insight into the foundations of human suffering & transcendence. It not only lays out essential steps for inner freedom and joy but illuminates the way to true human potential." Paul Rademacher, author: A Spiritual Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe

"The masterwork of a profoundly gifted healer of the soul. Dazzling, challenging, wondrously useful." Peggy Rubin, author: To Be and How To Be, Transforming Your Life Through Sacred Theatre

"Rewiring the Soul is one the best introductions to the spiritual life I've ever read. Not esoteric but real-world and practical. The implications are profound." Peter Shepherd, author: Daring To Be Yourself

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Birth of a New Book

It gives me great pleasure to announce the birth of my third book: The Power of Your Heart: Loving the Self, now available globally in print and Kindle on all international Amazon sites. Bookworld Australia and Barnes & Noble are among the many other online stores that also feature my books.

Download the First Chapter here

Early Reviews:

"In The Power of Your Heart, Dr. Kortsch takes the well known self-help axiom of "first, one must love oneself, before one can love others" and proceeds to deliver nothing less than a profound and authentic way of living and being that heals the soul and improves one's interactions and relationships with others. By clearly distinguishing her love-based concept of self-love from the fear-based concepts of narcissism, egotism, and neediness, Dr. Kortsch provides a step by step guide that, if honestly applied, puts one on a life's path of peace, satisfaction, contentment, and happiness." Thomas Campbell; author of My Big TOE 

"From childhood we are taught to mercilessly nitpick our essential being in pursuit of a mythical perfection. With deep insight and impeccable clarity, Dr. Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D., turns the tables to illuminate the liberation possible when loving ourselves unconditionally. In so doing, she provides a road map to undiscovered bliss and wholeness. A must-read for anyone on the path to self-understanding!" Paul Rademacher, Author of A Spiritual Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe: Travel Tips for the Spiritually Perplexed, CEO of Lucid Greening, Editor of Inner Story Magazine 

"The Power of Your Heart is a book to satisfy the soul's hunger and deserves to be read by every adult, parent, teacher and adolescent. It assures us that it is not just permissible, but essential, to love ourselves, undoing the conditioning that has kept us in a state of unworthiness and self-doubt, and sets us on the path to emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth. Love of self is a prerequisite to love of others and love is the foundation on which we are building a new world of compassion, joy and good will." Linda Stitt; Author of Acting My Age


Not loving the self, or simply not knowing about the importance of loving the self, or never having learned to love the self results in some of the most profound pain a human being can experience. You may believe that the pain of loss, abuse, abandonment, or disloyalty is the deepest pain, and in some sense you are right. But it is precisely by not loving the self, or not knowing how to love the self, that the other kinds of pain manage to get an iron grip on our hearts, because if we did love the self, or if we knew how to love the self, we would be able to care for the self in such a way that those other kinds of pain would be much less overwhelming. 

This book offers the promise that it is possible to learn how to love yourself (and more significantly, shows you how), and as you begin, even with your very first steps, you will become aware of changes in your daily existence that already serve to create a better life. As you continue on this path of self-love, every segment of your life becomes transformed in step to your own growth. Loving the self brings inner freedom, joy, harmony, and peace. Above all it allows you to connect to your own inner divinity and to know you will never again be alone. 

More Reviews

"This book explains the vital importance of loving yourself and why that is not in the least bit selfish. If there is a lot of love inside you, then you have more to share, in fact, it becomes a bottomless well. With love in your heart, your choices will be based on understanding, compassion and empathy. An inspiring read!" Peter Shepherd; Founder, Trans4Mind; author of Daring To Be Yourself 

"In the art of loving the self, this book takes the phrase 'self help' to the next level. Gabriella Kortsch has made the case and built the foundation that ultimately will become your own self-empowering path to true happiness and prosperity. Using real world situations along with quotes from the masters scattered throughout the book, you will soon discover the power of your own heart and make it a habit of loving the self." Michael Habernig & April Hannah; Producers of The Path: Afterlife & The Path: Beyond the Physical


If you are interested in purchasing the book, click below for the site that most suits you:

Amazon USA                          Amazon UK                                       Amazon Canada
Amazon Australia                   Amazon India                                   Amazon Germany
Amazon Spain                        Amazon France                                Amazon Italy     

Amazon Mexico                      Amazon Brazil                  

The Power of Your Heart: Loving the Self is also available via most other online booksellers.

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Reviews From the Back Cover:

"The masterwork of a profoundly gifted healer of the soul. Dazzling, challenging, wondrously useful." Peggy Rubin, Director, Center for Sacred Theatre, Ashland, Oregon; author: To Be and How To Be, Transforming Your Life Through Sacred Theatre

"Rewiring the Soul is one the best introductions to the spiritual life I've ever read. Not esoteric but real-world & practical. The implications are profound." Peter Shepherd; Founder Trans4mind.com; author: Daring To Be Yourself 

"The human being's directory to the soul. A breakthrough for those seeking practical assistance, those of a more mystical bent & every soul awaiting discovery." Toni Petrinovich, Ph.D.; author: The Call: Awakening the Angelic Human

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Praise for The Tao of Spiritual Partnership

“All humans seek the illusive touch of another's Soul, which opens us to the sense of belonging to something bigger than the self. Dr. Kortsch has given us the true "tao" of relationship in this brilliant exploration of emotional tapestry. We will be grateful for this illumination of spiritual partnership for generations to come."
Chris Griscom: Spiritual Leader, Author (among others) of: Ecstasy is a New Frequency

“Eloquently and comprehensive, showing how your primary love relationship may be a sacred vessel that transports you and your partner to a place of mutual healing and expansion.” 

Robert Schwartz: Author of Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born 

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