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"Rewiring the Soul is one the best introductions to the spiritual life I've ever read. Not esoteric but real-world and practical. The implications are profound." Peter Shepherd, author: Daring To Be Yourself

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nurturing Evermore and Greater Thoughts

Do you remember learning how to read at school? While each country will have followed different precepts, in my case a lot of it had to do with 'See Jane run'; 'See Jane's dog run'; and 'See Jane and Tom run'. I was devastated by the utter boredom of the thoughts implied in this learning how to read process.

Fast forward a few years. Obviously I had been reading many more exciting books: adventure, fairy tales, historical novels, but one fine day I stumbled across The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and as you can imagine, I was awe-struck. The thoughts that swirled through my head thanks to ideas propagated on each page of this amazing book, were infinite, as they occupy me still, albeit on other levels now than then.

But here is the point: the 'see Jane run' type of thought kept readers on a given level. A wardrobe with a hidden door that led to magical kingdoms led readers to a very different level indeed. And in our lives it's quite a bit of the same. How much of your time do you spend mulling over mundane thoughts that keep you at a very basic energetic level? 

Routine forms part of all our lives, but just to offer a couple of examples of ways to walk through that proverbial hidden door and enter the magic kingdom: driving in your car, going over, in your mind, what you need to do today. You've actually already got it all down, you made a list, no real need to go over it all again. SO instead: listen to some TED-type seminars that really turn you on and make you enter new worlds because of the material that is being offered - all you have to do is get the podcasts into your system, or download them for MP3 listening in your car. Likewise seminars from any number of speakers and thinkers that have the capacity to transport you from your mundane thoughts to a world filled - in some fashion - with magic. And of course, this affects your energetic frequency and vibration. How could it not?

You're not in your car? Perhaps you're shaving, putting on your make-up, cooking, puttering, waiting in traffic, waiting in line at a bureaucratic institution that exists merely to let the rest of us mortals know that our time is no longer ours, or perhaps you're waiting at a doctor's office, at the bank, on hold with one of those corporations that - just like the bureaucracies - believes that its mission in life is to make us realize our time is no longer our own. In all of these instances, if you have come prepared with some material of the type I've recommended here, you can not only use your time to remove yourself from the mundane nightmare (Sartre might have termed it a Huis Clos) those situations sometimes subject us to, but literally transport yourself to another plane, another level of being thanks to the thoughts those talks and seminars are exposing you to.

It was Benjamin Disraeli who said: Nurture great thoughts, for you will never go higher than your thoughts, and it is so very true that this is a matter that lies in your hands and in your head, and how you choose the level of thoughts on which you keep yourself.

Note: TED seminars as well as seminars by a varied number of speakers can be accessed on my left sidebar under links, especially the links with an asterix. Or go directly to the TED site, or even to YouTube and search for people that inspire you

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"The masterwork of a profoundly gifted healer of the soul. Dazzling, challenging, wondrously useful." Peggy Rubin, Director, Center for Sacred Theatre, Ashland, Oregon; author: To Be and How To Be, Transforming Your Life Through Sacred Theatre

"Rewiring the Soul is one the best introductions to the spiritual life I've ever read. Not esoteric but real-world & practical. The implications are profound." Peter Shepherd; Founder Trans4mind.com; author: Daring To Be Yourself 

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Chris Griscom: Spiritual Leader, Author (among others) of: Ecstasy is a New Frequency

“Eloquently and comprehensive, showing how your primary love relationship may be a sacred vessel that transports you and your partner to a place of mutual healing and expansion.” 

Robert Schwartz: Author of Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born 

The Power of Your Heart: Loving the Self 

My new book: The Power of Your Heart: Loving the Self, is just out. Here is a brief excerpt from the Introduction:

It is your right to live a life of love. It is your right to understand that loving yourself first is not a selfish way of behavior, but one that allows you to live that life of love. However, it's highly probable that you never got the instruction manual explaining exactly how to accomplish this. Possibly your family - and it may have been a loving family - considered loving the self an act of selfishness. Or perhaps the members of your family simply didn't practice loving the self, and of course, what you didn't see - what was not shown to you - while you were growing up, meant that you just didn't learn how to apply it to yourself. The closer you are able to move towards loving yourself, the closer you will be to living a life of love - quite independently of whether you are in a love relationship or not. A life of love can be lived with or without a partnership, because a life of love implies that you know that it all begins with you by loving the self. The more clearly you understand how to love yourself, the more clearly you will see that it is very hard - if not impossible - to love others in ways that are unrelated to fulfilling any of your needs. Loving yourself first is - for so many of us - one of the hardest things we will ever learn how to do. But know this: the benefits affect you in every particle of your being - body, mind, and soul - and are greater than you will ever be able to imagine.

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