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Monday, June 17, 2013

Keeping the Demons at Bay

How do you deal with your demons? There's hardly anyone who hasn't got some. Perhaps they're due to those traumatic childhood memories. Or maybe they weren't traumatic, just not very nice, such as your mother who never stopped judging and criticizing you. Or perhaps it was your father who expected so much of you, that you wound up never being good enough. How about the schoolyard bully that left your self-confidence and self-esteem in the dungeons? Did your best friend from first grade betray you and forsake your company for that other kid whose toys were shinier, or cookies better, or whose mom allowed them to stay up until midnight on sleepovers?

Whatever your demons are, they tend to plague you, and so obviously, you have had to find ways to deal with them. That might be in having a drink (or several) too many on too many occasions in order to feel less unloved, or insecure. It might be that you never drink, but you work too much, losing your feelings of inadequacy in that work. Or perhaps you take too many walks to the refrigerator, or help yourself with a little white pill that takes off the edge, or perhaps you spend too many hours at the gym every week (or perhaps those hours are spent at mass), or you run marathons just a smidgen too often. This means that red flags are a-waving, indicating that you are using these - or other - activities in order to tamp down the anxiety, perhaps even panic inside of you. You use them to deal with low-grade depressions, with fear, and any number of other emotions that assail you - and probably have assailed you since you were small - that you simply don't know what to do with.

The red flags speak another kind of message as well: they tell you that you have not yet connected with yourself. They tell you that self-love is missing. They tell you that they (the red flags) are there, in order that you begin to change something in your life so that those anxiety-ridding activities no longer be necessary, but also in order that you realize that as long as you depend on those activities, you are never dealing with the underlying issues. And don't worry - the word 'issues' doesn't mean that you need to go see a therapist or embark on a lifelong analysis of yourself. It simply means that you need to begin by picking up your courage, leaving your comfort zone, and beginning to become aware. There are countless posts here and on my other blog and articles on my website about these subjects, so start there. But here is the most important reason why you should start to clean up your act: as long as you do not rid yourself of the mechanisms you have used to this point in your life that help you deal with your fears, anxieties, or feelings of inadequacy: you will not be able to truly be yourself. You will not be able to accomplish most of what you could accomplish, because most of your energy will be used to take care of those negative feelings - those demons. They splinter you, they fragment you, and they keep you tied to the past. Isn't that reason enough to start with this process? So that the phoenix can arise from the ashes of those demons?

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Rewiring the Soul' provides a user-friendly roadmap for personal transformation. Using conversational style, it guides the reader to an understanding of life's problems and how they can be resolved, deliberately including the reader's connection to his own soul and spiritual growth. Based on common sense and the author's work as an integral psychotherapist as well as lessons gleaned from teaching and personal experiences, all interwoven with current findings from neuroscience, positive psychology, quantum physics and Buddhism, 'Rewiring the Soul' signposts the path to resolving everyday life and its problems while converging with the inner quest for connection with the soul. This process allows life to take on a revolutionary new meaning: resolving personal and interpersonal issues while keeping the inner connection to the soul in mind leads to unprecedented growth that is simply not possible if psycho-emotional matters and spiritual concerns are not combined.

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From the Description on Amazon: More exciting than any other kind of relationship you have ever known, spiritual partnership is a path, a Tao, available to you so that you may transform your life. Spiritual partnership becomes background music to daily life allowing you to enhance the process of your growth and evolution.

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It is precisely at the problematic crossroads so often encountered in relationships that we are offered the opportunity to create a new foundation based on mutual complementarity rather than need; a free relationship between two people who want to be together, rather than two people who need to be together. Needing another, we are told, is the measure of love, but for a fully conscious individual nothing could be further from the truth. And therein lies part of the secret and healing power of spiritual partnerships. 

Praise for The Tao of Spiritual Partnership 

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Robert Schwartz: Author of Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born 

My new book: The Power of Your Heart: Loving the Self, is due out later this year.

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