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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Don't Waste the Pain

Most of what happens to us in life tends to serve a purpose. Guilt, for example, (about which I've written) helps us to learn valuable lessons that teach us not to repeat whatever it was we did that caused us to feel guilty. Shame - if we are conscious enough to give it some thought - may teach us to work on our self-esteem. Resentment and anger of a certain kind, when others run all over us, may teach us to learn about boundaries.

But the pain I wanted to address today can go far beyond the above examples. There is the much-commented upon pain of a man such as Nelson Mandela while he was so  unjustly imprisoned for well over two decades in Robben Island by the apartheid regime, or the well-documented pain in his best-selling book Man's Search For Meaning by Victor Frankl, the Holocaust survivor who lost almost his entire family in Auschwitz, or again, the much photographed and video-filmed pain of Christopher Reeve, perhaps the most famous Superman of all, who was relegated to a wheelchair due to a fall from a horse that caused him to become a paraplegic. These are drastic kinds of pain. What about the pain of a mother who loses her child to hunger in sub-Saharan Africa? Or the pain of those who lost limbs in the recent Boston bombings? Or the daily pain of Syrians as they see not only their homeland destroyed, but their very homes, families, and livelihoods destroyed in acts of despicable violence. What of the pain of a young girl with a genetic disorder causing her to go blind? Or the pain of a young man's loss of his beloved grandparent?

We all know the meaning of the word pain. We've all been there. So today's message is this: don't waste it. Use it carefully. Honor it. (But don't go down the erroneous path of dwelling on it and creating or exponentially growing a pain body - see the tags below this post for more about that). Do become conscious of the fact that pain is one of the greatest ways we have for achieving growth. Most spiritually enlightened individuals have gone through their share of deep pain. Take a look at some of their lives. Obviously we can all achieve growth without pain, but pain is also an experience that can be put to excellent use - bearing in mind, if you are feeling pain - that you might as well make something worthwhile of it, as opposed to merely suffering. This is your choice, and how you choose will determine whether the experience ultimately enriches you, or whether it leaves you weak and limp. Don't waste the pain. It has much to teach you.

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