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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Daily 15-Minute Relaxation

Most people lead stressful lives and find it hard to take time off to relax. Not good. You see it in the lines on their faces, in the way their voices sound strained, and in the way they find it hard to focus on your face because in their mind they are probably already wandering off to the next subject or meeting. They may not sleep well, they may have blood pressure issues, weight issues, less than prime cholesterol readings, as well as a low threshold for irritation. All understandable, yet all possible to deal with in order to improve all of this.

Consider taking a brief, 15-minute walk every day, a relaxing walk, not one in which you can't catch your breath, although you could do that also, if you prefer. The main focus in this walk is to become aware of your present surroundings by using the beauty of what there is. Simply focus on the first beautiful thing you see or hear - perhaps an oak tree that has just begun to show its first green buds in the spring, or the song of robins. As you look at or listen to whatever it is you have chosen, feel grateful for that presence in your life just now, and notice a light sensation of relaxation or peace in your solar plexus. Now notice the next thing. Perhaps you now see a crocus bursting through the ground or you hear the sound of wind through the trees. Again, notice the beauty, feel the gratitude, and notice the sensation of peace. Now perhaps you see a kitten trying to catch a fly or you hear the sound of wind through palm fronds.  Remember to notice the beauty, feel the gratitude, and then notice the sensation of peace. And this time perhaps you see a trail of busy worker ants carrying tiny bits of a plant into their hill, or you hear the sound of cicadas (listen here - and if you think this is loud, I heard them this way in South Africa near Cape Town - and managed to sleep despite it all!) As before, notice the beauty, feel the gratitude, and notice the sensation of peace. Simply continue to do this for 15 minutes until you come to the end of your walk.

Here's what will happen. You will feel great during those first few moments of awareness as you take in beauty and notice peace. You will very quickly forget the purpose of your walk and will go into a relatively unaware world of thoughts and hence back to stress. And only when your fifteen minutes are up, will you remember what you were supposed to be doing ...

Don't worry. If you do this every day for about three weeks, your neural pathways will begin to change such that you will get closer and closer to managing the 15 minutes of noticing beauty and feeling appreciation and gratitude, and hence feeling more relaxed and at peace. This will impact all areas of your life. So simple. All you have to do is do it.


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