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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Bad Habit of Growing Old

When I was a little girl, being 35 was considered pretty old. When I was in my late teens, Jane Fonda yelled: 40 is beautiful! When I was in my early 20's I couldn't imagine having long hair after I turned 30 because dignified women of a certain age didn't do that. When I was in my 30's reaching the age of 50 seemed very old indeed. And yet now all of that has changed.

It hasn't changed just because I have changed in my process (and passage beyond) all of the above-mentioned ages, but because much of the world has changed as well, as we have come to realize that being chronologically old does not mean one is old, nor does it mean that one can no longer be physically and mentally fit.

But perhaps more important than everything else, is the realization that most of it has to do with an inner attitude - and that of course includes being very conscious, assuming responsibility for your own happiness and having some sense of purpose and meaning in your life. As long as that attitude - towards aging, towards always continuing to learn (and the endless neuroplasticity of the brain), even if you're 99, and towards life in general, remains young, there is no reason to be old. André Maurois wrote: Growing old is a bad habit which a busy man has no time to form.

For much more about how to consciously choose your thoughts and feelings, hence taking charge of them, and about becoming aware of the choices and attitudes you have at all times in order to transform your life, have a look at my book Rewiring the Soul: Finding the Possible Self (paperback or Kindle).

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From the Description on Amazon: Ask anyone, whatever their circumstances, if their life is vibrant, fulfilling, harmonious and happy. An honest reply is likely to be 'no', because to answer a truthful 'yes' is no mean feat. Only to grow psychologically and emotionally is not enough. And only to grow spiritually is not enough either. All three dimensions need to be developed in order to realize your full potential. If you are willing to assume total responsibility for the self and to start what is an on-going journey, you will quickly begin to glimpse the first fruits of the ultimate goal: inner well-being, freedom, peace, harmony and joy. This book sets out the pathway to self-mastery and self-discovery and walking that pathway will be the most exciting adventure of your life.

My new book The Tao of Spiritual Partnership is now available in paperback version. The Kindle version will be released near the end of November 2012.

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From the Description on Amazon: More exciting than any other kind of relationship you have ever known, spiritual partnership is a path, a Tao, available to you so that you may transform your life. Spiritual partnership becomes background music to daily life allowing you to enhance the process of your growth and evolution.

This ground-breaking book addresses:

• relationship patterns that hold you back from a truly fulfilled life
• the strong connection between sexuality and spiritual partnership
• communication leading to true connection & lasting transformation of your relationship

It is precisely at the problematic crossroads so often encountered in relationships that we are offered the opportunity to create a new foundation based on mutual complementarity rather than need; a free relationship between two people who want to be together, rather than two people who need to be together. Needing another, we are told, is the measure of love, but for a fully conscious individual nothing could be further from the truth. And therein lies part of the secret and healing power of spiritual partnerships. 

Praise for The Tao of Spiritual Partnership 

“All humans seek the illusive touch of another's Soul, which opens us to the sense of belonging to something bigger than the self. Dr. Kortsch has given us the true "tao" of relationship in this brilliant exploration of emotional tapestry. We will be grateful for this illumination of spiritual partnership for generations to come." 
Chris Griscom: Spiritual Leader, Author 

“Eloquently and comprehensive, showing how your primary love relationship may be a sacred vessel that transports you and your partner to a place of mutual healing and expansion.” 
Robert Schwartz: Author of Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born 

"The Tao of Spiritual Partnership is a unique blend of wit and wisdom; Dr. Kortsch encourages us to take responsibility for our relationships, while recognizing and seizing the opportunities for our own personal spiritual growth." 
William Buhlman, Author of Adventures Beyond the Body 

"The Tao of Spiritual Partnership is an excellent guide to making your relationships blossom. Dr. Kortsch deftly shows the way to satisfying interactions with the loves of your life." 
Jim Wawro, Author of Awakening Counsel: A Practical Guide to Creating the Life You Want to Live. 

"Gabriella Kortsch takes us through a journey that covers most aspects of human relationships from new-born to adult, leading us into the power of spiritual partnerships. The importance of fulfillment of a life well-lived through understanding and practicing self-love is paramount and candidly expressed in this one-of-a-kind book. The promise "to love without needing" is profoundly delivered!" 
Ali R. Rodriguez: Business Coach Strategist, Co-Author of Mastering the Art of Success with Les Brown and Jack Canfield

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