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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Paying Attention to the Whispers

The voices that whisper to you when you are thinking of attempting something new, perhaps quite challenging, and with an element of risk, may say:
  • it's too hard
  • you don't know how to do that
  • he/she tried and failed, so why would you be able to succeed at it?
  • you'll look ridiculous if you fail
And so you may listen to those whispers, insidious and annihilating of hopes and dreams and stop before you even begin. Flavia Weedn wrote: Cut not the wings of your dreams, for they are the heartbeat and the freedom of your soul.

Be aware that the whispers are thoughts that you can combat. The whispers come from the same part of you that criticizes, judges, and belittles others; the part of you that needs to be right; the part of you that is always comparing in an attempt to see on which part of the heap you are positioned. The whispers originate in your ego. But that is not the real you. The real you knows how to vibrate with joy, is filled with hopes and dreams, and can - if you stop the sound of the ego long enough - believe in you; it can love you, and it can be filled with courage in order to attempt the seemingly impossible.

Drown out the whispers and begin to listen to the other voice, the voice that speaks from your soul.

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