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Monday, July 9, 2012

Putting the Past Where it Belongs: In the Past!

What do you normally do when something from your past - something painful - arises in your mind? Perhaps you were reminded because of a song on the radio, someone's cologne might have done the trick, a similar situation that created a familiar feeling in you and your mind wandered to the past, or just simply because. The thought or memory arose, and now you have it on your mind. So now what do you do?

What most people do is stay there. Their mind is now - for the next few minutes, hours or days - firmly entrenched in those thoughts and those feelings. In other words, a portion of whatever happened back then is being relived. The feelings - or a portion thereof - are also being relived. If I now ask you: what's the point?, you might answer that it was a terrible thing that happened to you, and that of course you need to think about it, how could you not? You might also reply that because it was so difficult or painful, you would be pretending it was not of importance if you didn't spend time thinking about it.

These and other answers are only too human and probably none of us has any difficulty understanding them. However, they do not serve us. All they do is keep us enmeshed in a past that no longer should be tainting our present. No one denies that difficult incidents in other parts of our lives have shaped us, have changed us, have caused us to be who we are today. Nevertheless, if we hold on to the pain or the thoughts of the pain, or if we hold on to the resentment and anger, or whatever the difficult emotion is, the only one we are hurting is ourselves. And we can choose to let go. How? By making that choice each and every time those thoughts and memories arise. Focusing elsewhere. Being grateful for whatever we have in our lives now. Being grateful for the mere beauty of  this amazing world. Focusing on that - on the sky, a flower, a bird, a blade of grass - instead of focusing on thoughts and feelings of the past. Every time those thoughts come again, do the same thing. And you may be surprised how quickly you manage to rid yourself of your need to remain close to them.

Make good choices - for youself and for all those whose lives you touch.

Image: Mykonos, Greece

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Photo Credit: National Geographic - Gobi Desert, Mongolia

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