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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Making Your Life a Good Life

What does it depend on? Having a good life means that our work, our relationships, our bank account, our social life, our health, how we feel about ourselves, our sense of purpose and satisfaction, and so on, should all be in reasonable order, right?

But if they are not?

Does that mean we can not have a good life? Or does that mean that the reflection of what is on the outside (see also As Without, so Within) is in our lives to give us an opportunity to do something about it???

And of course, as you go about doing something about that dead-end relationship you have, or the job that is taking you no where, or the dwindling bank balance, you focus on the lack. You focus on what is - which is of course what you don't want (what currently "is" is the way of life that you do not want - so your focus is rarely on what you really do want).

This is a very important lesson to learn. I repeat it often here on the blog with different concepts: (some posts overlap from one area to another, but much has been written here about what you can do now - today - if only you will make a decision to be consistent about it - to change your life around and make of it a good life)

So remember: if you focus on what currently is ... on that which you do not want ... you will get more of the same. Focusing on what you do want ... another kind of relationship, a more fulfilling career, greater financial rewards, more free time ... whatever it is ... realize that you need to be focusing your intent on that and not on what currently is that just isn't working. Whatever you focus on grows.

So choose wisely. Follow through. Be disciplined. Remember it will not happen and come together in one fell swoop...just like building up strong triceps, you will need to give this some time too. And that means that every time you tell yourself it is not working, you banish those thoughts and replace them with thoughts that have to do with your goals (in whatever area), and particularly replace those nay-saying thoughts with feelings that you have when you imagine those goals you are striving for, as if they were already a reality in your life.

Do this over and over, and go confidently in the direction of your dreams, as Thoreau always gently reminds us.

Image: Süleymaniye Camii (Suleiman Mosque), Istanbul

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