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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Excerpt From the Book: 'Rewiring the Soul'

Today I am posting a brief excerpt from my book Rewiring the Soul. I hope you enjoy it.

"The main principle upon which this entire book is based, is the fact that if we do not begin our way back to our soul – our true core - within ourselves, from the smallest corners of our selves outward, in order to bring ourselves and our lives to a place where we are truly well, where we can love ourselves and then emanate this love outward, then we will not reach the goal, because we will have started the process from the outside in. If you want to play pro basketball, you are going to have to start by learning how to dribble. If you want to be a cordon bleu chef, you’ll have to learn how to separate eggs. And if you want to find your way back to your soul, you’ll have to learn how to love yourself, recognizing that this “self” that you are learning how to love is your inner essence, your soul, and learning how to love yourself is the foundation of each of the chapters of this book. Learning how to love yourself is a fundamentally underlying principle of all that follows, and conversely, all that follows is built on loving yourself. By loving yourself, all the other issues this book addresses can be resolved, and by loving yourself, your life will flow in ways you can now only imagine.

If you resonate with the talk about soul in this book, then you are in the right place. But if you find the talk about soul distressing, off-putting, ludicrous, or nonsensical, you may nevertheless find that there is so much other, more psycho-emotional material you resonate with, that the talk about soul is peripheral enough that you can allow it to rest on the sidelines and nurture yourself with all the other parts. It is understandable if you feel uncomfortable with talk about the soul because our society does not often take us there – although for those who are observant, it is happening more and more in books, films, documentaries – even in some weekly television series. But if you are uneasy with such talk, and yet feel pulled to continue with the book, think of the soul as your intuition, as the voice that sometimes speaks to you, and that you – probably – most often do not listen to. Think of it as a part of yourself that you have not yet discovered: that you have not yet become acquainted with.

Our soul often gets forsaken very early on. That doesn’t mean we can’t find our way back to it. We live our lives with stumbling blocks or pain and wonder why it appears that it doesn’t get all that much easier as time goes on. Or we see that we keep repeating patterns but we either still don’t learn, or else we think that we keep falling into the hands of people who make things difficult for us (I always fall in love with people who are not loyal to me; my friends always use me; my co-workers always steal my ideas; my children / spouse / parents / friends always disappoint me). Either way, things just aren’t working out for us on the outside and definitely not on the inside. So to begin to find our way back to our forsaken soul it helps to have a road map. Think of it as a treasure map where each clue leads you on to the next clue that will eventually lead you to the treasure you are so fervently seeking, and that treasure is you, your love for yourself, and ultimately, your soul, your inner connection – and rewiring - to your true self.

For that to work, you actually have to set out on the path towards the first clue. It’s not enough that you read about clues and how to best find clues, if you don’t, in fact, take that first step in the direction of the place where the first clue presumably will be found. And that’s precisely where many people – even highly educated people – fail. Because they don’t take that first step.

I call it the ‘I’ve been to all the seminars, and I’ve read all the books, I even had a therapist, but still nothing in my life has changed’ syndrome. People attend workshops and seminars, lectures and classes, they read all the right books, and they get very excited, even momentarily highly motivated, and yet, after the workshop is over, or after they finish reading the last page of the book, they feel a let-down, an anti-climax. And so, in order to feel the excitement again, to get the next fix, to find the next adrenaline rush, they book another weekend seminar, or buy yet another book, and the cycle is repeated over and over again. But nothing changes.

So what’s different about this book? Won’t it just happen again, as it has so many times before?

It might. You see, there really is no magic formula. No silver bullet. It’s a bit like the alcoholic who wants to stop drinking, but thinks it can be achieved by putting the addiction into the hands of a third party – like a clinic – where it will all be taken care of, or the cigarette smoker who wants to stop smoking, and also thinks it can be achieved by putting the addiction into the hands of a third party – like a hypnotherapist – who will take care of it. The clinic or the hypnotherapist can really only then be effective, when the addict has also taken the internal decision to put an end to whatever the addiction is. And in that case, the clinic or the hypnotherapist is in many instances, in fact, superfluous and no longer truly necessary.

In other words, for this book to work for you, you must take the internal decision to start walking your talk. It’s not enough to read. It’s not enough to attend the workshops, seminars, classes, and lectures; you have to start actually doing something."

If you want to read more, download the first chapter of this book from the link at the top of this page.

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