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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Key to Your Happiness

Who holds the key to your happiness? Or perhaps I should ask what holds the key to your happiness? In the first instance, it is a specific (or more than one specific) human being that holds the key to your happiness. Perhaps your partner without whom you are incapable of being happy. Or your child, adult or small. Or perhaps your parent, or even a pet. In the second instance, it is a something that holds the key to your happiness. This can be something material, such as the balance in your bank account or portfolio, or the size and location of your home, or it could be your youth, your strength, your professional situation, your social position, and so on.

In all instances, you derive your happiness from an outer source, the key to your happiness lies without and not within.

Perhaps you can see the problem with that. People can let you down, leave you, or die. Material things can disappear, as can youth, professional and social positions. If any of that happens, and if the key to your happiness lies there, then what are you going to do? And please don't answer that then you will implement Plan B.

Recognizing that happiness first needs to come from the inside out is your path out of the above dilemma. Starting to walk on that path requires conscious awareness of a desire or intention to begin to love yourself. The more you love yourself, the more you will be able to find happiness on the inside and will notice - perhaps to your surprise - that you no longer need to find it on the outside, or at least, that you will no longer look for it on the outside.

In my book Rewiring the Soul I wrote the following: The less you love yourself the more likely it is that you believe another holds the key to your happiness.

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