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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Decorating From the Inside Out

We have stringent habits of hygiene for our bodies, teeth and hair. We spend much time ensuring our hair and face look good before we hit the road. We spend exorbitant amounts of money on the latest fashion - not only to look good - but also to look as though we belong (i.e., fashionable). And so we decorate ourselves on the outside.

Do you see how ludicrous that is? Oh, I don't mean that it's ludicrous or wrong to be clean and dress well, but that it's ludicrous that we start our decorating process from the outside, as opposed to from the inside.

We want our lives to be filled with peace and harmony, but we only spend a fraction of the time that we spend on that outer decorating process as compared to the time we spend on the inner one. Decorating yourself from the inside out literally means that the intention to work magic on the inside must be strong, and that this intention translates into time and consistency spent on that inner decoration.

How does your house come to be as beautiful as it is? Probably one of the reasons is because you have devoted time and love to it, even if you did it on a shoestring and went from garage sale to flea market in order to find beautiful pieces that you then restored. Devotion, love and time are elements that you also require for the inner process. You simply would not expect your hair, your clothes, your face, your body, etc. to look good without some effort, and so you also can not expect your inner self to shine without time, love and devotion.

Think of your inner self as the part of you that will never grow old. As the part of you that will always be. Doesn't it make more sense to spend at least as much love, time and devotion on decorating that part of yourself, as you do on the outer part? Isn't that who you really are? Or do you actually believe that you are the wrinkles (or perhaps no wrinkles yet) on your face, or the designer label of clothing you wear? And if that inner part is who you really are, then that part of you deserves attention, time, devotion and love. Care for it at least as much as you care for the state of your skin or hair or nails. Grow it, decorate it, and care for it every single day of your life. Having a good hair day is great. Having a good life of inner peace, joy, harmony and freedom is priceless.

For more about seeking the connection to the self, about self-discovery and self-love, and about taking charge of your thoughts and emotions and about the self-transformational process - both in your outer life in the world, and in your inner life with your connection to your inner, divine self, have a look at my book Rewiring the Soul: Finding the Possible Self (paperback or e-book).

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