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Friday, February 17, 2012

Turning Your Face to the Sun

What brings excitement into your life? What gets you going when you think about it? What makes you sing to an inner tune and want to dance with joy? Are you looking at me with surprise? Could it be that there is no such thing? Or is it perhaps dependent on outer circumstances, such as having sufficient money, being able to undertake certain activities that require either money or specific people, or that require good weather?

It's a grey, rainy day today. The first in many. We've had a magnificent winter, with brilliant blue skies and a sun that blazed with fiery warmth, even in January.

And so this greyness, that I rather enjoy (when it comes around so rarely), has made me think about how we need to be responsible for the sunshine in our lives, as opposed to waiting for it from external sources, how we need to be responsible for bringing excitement and joy into our lives, as opposed to expecting them to come to us from the outside.

It's not enough to find distraction and it's not enough to find comfort or soothing mechanisms. All that is good and valid (assuming your soothing mechanisms are healthy and not addiction-related). Running away from a relationship with yourself is also a tremendous mistake, because it is in that inner process that much of the excitement I'm talking about - and which can make all the difference between a grey, rainy day of the soul and turning your face to the sun - can be found.

Much of this has to do with meaning. If you have found meaning in your life, if you have discovered which way to look when darkness threatens to overwhelm you, then you will find the sun at each step of the way.

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PETER SHEPHERD; Founder Trans4mind - www.trans4mind.com; author, Daring To Be Yourself

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